Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Increase Facebook Page Likes

It is a fact that in order to become successful on Facebook, a business needs to have a community. Lack of community means that no one is listening to the message of the business. Hence, the aim of building brand awareness and increasing return on investment will fail. Moreover, it isn’t about the number of likes collected by the business page,

but it is also important to give some thought to the quality of the likes. There are some quick and easy ways to increase Facebook page likes, both in terms of quantity and quality. Some of them are discussed here: 

Complete the Facebook Business Page Profile 

The first thing that people see when they visit a page is the page itself. There should be a reason as to why visitors should like the page. The page should be correctly categorized and should have a catchy description. Don’t forget to mention your phone number, address, contact number and other relevant details. Not only will potential customers learn the type of organization you are, but also bring you up in Facebook search results.

Ask People You Know to Like the Page

When a Facebook business page is created, ask your friends, other contacts and business partners to like the page. These initial likes can provide a business with a higher social media visibility and credibility. It is also best to alert your existing customers and promote the page so they will be able to find and like it.

Add Social Plugins to Website 

Make it easy for your website visitors to find your Facebook page. There are Facebook social plugins that can be used such as the Like box plugin, which includes your recent posts, a like button and pictures of some people who have already liked the page.

Find Out the Interests of Your Target Audience 

The introduction of Facebook Graph Search has made it easy for businesses to discover the interests and hobbies of their target community. Once they know their interests and activities, they can post content relevant to them in order to increase the Facebook business page likes.

Use Facebook Ads 

Another great way for boosting the likes on your Facebook page is by using Facebook ads. Use the interests of your community in your Facebook ads because you want to find people with similar interests. You can use different types of ads to discover what suits your business the most. Also, ensure that you select an ad that allows you to like the page directly from the advertisement.

Run a Contest 

There are several businesses that were able to increase their likes on Facebook by organizing competitions. You can also implement the strategy, but ensure that you follow the Promotion Guidelines of Facebook when organizing a contest. A Facebook app should be used as it works as a fan-gate, meaning those who have liked the page can participate in the contest. A unique URL has to be used for advertising, which also gives the likes a boost. 

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