Reputation in the digital world is a serious matter for any business today. Internet has given customers the voice they always needed. If you don’t give them the experience that they deserve, they can just go online and let the world know about it. Not to mention, customers tend to trust the reviews given by other customers much more than the reviews or ratings that appear on the company’s own website. According to the statistics from 2016, nearly 84% customers pay as much credibility to online reviews as they would a recommendation coming from someone they know.

Up to 93% of customers would skim through online reviews only to come to the conclusion whether they should spend their money on a business nearby. The importance of reviews has made Google reviews a critically important thing for any business today. If you are on the fence whether you should buy Google reviews or not, here are some of the major reasons why other businesses have gone this route.



If you own a business, you have to know that your competitors are already appearing on Google Maps and other local business listing websites. Google would aggregate their reviews from other all those services to give an overall rating. As soon as customers search for those customers on Google, they see that aggregated rating. If that rating is good, there is a very thin chance that customers would consider other businesses. These ratings are often a part of the online reviews wherein you have to give a review and a rating to the business together.

So, how do you compete with these businesses with great ratings and positive reviews? If you are a new business, you can’t have enough reviews and ratings to prove anything. In that case, you can buy Google reviews and appear side by side with other businesses in Google searches.


As unfortunate as it might seem, but people tend to trust businesses with lots of reviews and ignore the ones that are new. They trust online reviews like personal recommendations. However, there is no way a new business will have any reviews to prove its credibility unless customers try its services or products. Google, on the other hand, would not give a seller rating to the business unless it is receiving at least 150 reviews in any given year. In short, some businesses don’t have any shot at getting enough reviews and built trust with their customers.

The best way for them to come out of the ground and be visible to the online world is by buying Google reviews. This gives them the initial boost they need.

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Can good reviews help your business gain the visibility it deserves? Of course, good reviews can directly help your business climb up the ladder in search results and appear on top. You have to keep this basic concept in mind: Google wants to give its users only the best search results. In other words, Google avoids putting businesses with bad reviews and ratings on top of its search results. Why would Google want its customers to go to bad businesses? In short, the more good reviews you have, the higher your chances of appearing in the top Google search results are.

Here, you can’t ignore how important of a role Google plays in helping people discover businesses. According to the recent statistics, more than 63% of customers give preference to skimming through reviews that they find during their searches on Google. It means Google is a credible source for the majority of customers to decide whether a business is bad or good.


The biggest issue with online reviews is that it is very difficult to recover from a bad image once it has been ruined for you. If a mistake from you has caused several customers to review your business negatively, it will become difficult for you to get rid of these reviews even after you have fixed the problem. What makes the problem worse is that your customer count is going down every single day. That’s because people are looking at the negative online reviews and deciding not to come to you. Consequently, it becomes even more difficult for you to get good reviews after you have recovered.

In such a scenario, many businesses buy Google reviews. It helps them get the sudden boost they need and assist them in getting the blotch from the face of the business to go away that has resulted from bad reviews. The good reviews take over and customers are willing to do business with you again.


After looking at the points given above, you can easily decide what the biggest reason is for businesses to buy Google reviews. Improved reputation, high visibility on the internet, and boosted trust from the customers all contribute to increased sales for businesses. For any business owner, conversion rate is the most important metric to measure the performance of a business. You can spend all the money you want to spend on SEO and other marketing campaigns, but boosted website traffic is not everything. There is return for you unless your website traffic converts.

That’s where reviews play a major role. They directly impact the buying decisions of the customers. Not to mention, customers often look for reviews just before they are about to buy something. In short, these customers have already made up their mind to buy something


No one can deny the fact that the digital world has become just as important for people as their physical world today. They spend a big portion of their day online and internet is their favorite source of information about anything in the world. Online reviews are like word of mouth marketing, which happens to be one of the most powerful methods of marketing. If you have a business in its initial stages or you are considering starting one, you too can buy Google reviews if you think there is a need.

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