Our refund policy is well-defined so that if customers are not satisfied with our services or their needs are not properly realized, we give them the option of returning their money. However, all efforts are made to fulfill the promises made on our site with total dedication and accuracy. That is why, there is negligible chance of such instances. However, in spite of all our best efforts, if customers are still unsatisfied with our services and think that we have not performed as per the claims made by us on our site, they can ask us to render the service again, so that better results can come out. Contact us here [email protected]

Once a refund has been confirmed, it will be effective on your card (not by other methods) within a maximum period of 10 business days.”


No guarantee can be provided by us regarding the fact that the followers provided to you will continue following you forever. Some may eventually unfollow because of sheer disinterest. For this reason, we always make it a point to over-deliver. Since everything is done in a voluntary manner, it is entirely dependent on the follower whether he or she wishes to follow or not. However, if there is a significant drop, we will re-add them within 1 year of guarantee.

If your account is deactivated by you for any reason and then made live again, username is changed or a different account is created and you tell us to transfer all your likes, fans and followers, it cannot be done by us. In such a case, all your followers will be lost and we will not provide any replacement.

If you have also bought followers from other suppliers additionally, we will not accept any claims made by you for lost followers whatsoever. The reason for that is if you experience a loss under such circumstances, there is no way we can ascertain followers of which service provider were lost. Therefore, we will not provide replacement of other suppliers’ followers.

When the order is already underway or not yet complete, you cannot make a claim for refund.

The right to modify or alter this refund policy at any point in time without any prior notice or intimation is reserved by the company. That is why we request you to be attentive and go through our refund policy from time to time to remain updated and avail our services effectively.

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