Google Plus is a social media platform created by Google, which has over one billion registered users, out of which, 359 million are active ones. This network offers some of the most business-friendly features as opposed to others, which is reason enough to start building a business page on Google Plus, if it hasn’t been done already. In fact, there is also an additional incentive i.e. Google Plus pages are also useful in improving search engine rankings dramatically, which is a sufficient reason for signing up to the platform. The signing up part is easy, but the question is how to get Google Plus followers for exposing the business through this social media channel and building brand awareness.


There are some simple yet effective strategies that can be helpful in this department and they are mentioned as follows:


In order to reinforce the business brand, it is also necessary to have a personal profile. Even though the ultimate goal is to get followers on your business page, it doesn’t mean that personal profiles need not be used. As a matter of fact, using the business page and personal profile in tandem is the best bet for getting more followers. Make a strong personal profile and get involved in posts and conversations that can be used for building brand awareness.


Appreciating and commenting on other’s content is not enough; a business also needs to consider their Google Plus page a blog and post engaging and valuable content on it. This means that the page needs to be updated regularly and the content used should be exclusive, compelling and valuable, in terms of substance and visual as well. Treating posts on Google Plus like a blog is recommended because they are searchable. The content posted on business page should be on topic while other areas of interest can be discussed on personal pages.


Unlike other social networks such as Facebook where fake profiles and accounts are common, Google Plus doesn’t have a very large crowd. Furthermore, it doesn’t have limiting restrictions as seen on other platforms. If a business has spent time in buffing up their profile by adding a proper image, description etc., they will be able to get followers easily when they add relevant people to their circles. Use your personal profile for doing the outreach and networking as this will end up benefitting the business page indirectly.


Posting useful links, regular updates and images is not sufficient; a business also needs to engage with the users on a one-on-one basis. As far as the business profile is concerned, this engagement is restricted to answering the queries posted by customers, their messages and posts. It is the personal profile that does the real networking and involves a lot more than liking others’ posts. Participation in hangouts, discussions and communities is also necessary.

In this way, a business will know how to get Google Plus followers.

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