how to use social media widgetsYou may engage with your consumers through social media in a meaningful and rewarding way, but getting a foothold on such networks implies nothing if your consumers are unaware of it.
Embedding Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram feeds and accounts right into your website is a simple and effective approach to growing your internet presence.

Embedding Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Tumblr feeds and accounts right into your website is a simple and effective approach to growing your loyal audience.
There are social sharing icons on the pinnacle or edges of web pages and blogs. Sharing is a major deal in the realm of social media; it’s so big that it’s gotten dubbed “social media currency.”

You might believe that share buttons can’t be on your webpage if digital networks aren’t part of your marketing strategy. In fact, social sharing icons can help your brand establish a presence on social media platforms while also giving other perks. Remember that email was the first social media platform. Therefore, a forward-through email option must always get included.

Importance of Social Media Widgets

When you have many social media accounts, you can use a separate plugin for each one so that your newsfeed or a part of it displays on your website as well. It indicates that visitors to your website will learn how they may participate in your group. Furthermore, if your information is compelling enough, you provide them the option of sharing it with their own network. As a result, you can expand your audience and influence by using social media.

In order to enhance brand recognition and establish a brand community, social media has become essential. However, instead of blindly following a trend, social media deployment should be founded on deep insights and methodology.
Managing your social media presence for the company is a must. A powerful online presence is an integral part of any advertising strategy. Including social media symbols on a company’s main website would almost likely aid in promoting the various social media profiles that any internet business will maintain.

Greater prominent social media profiles will result in more contact with consumers and potential customers, eventually leading to more revenue.

What Is The Best Way To Use Social Media Widgets?

Social media has progressed greatly in this fast-paced world, and it has won over all other advertising methods for companies.
The digital revolution is all about proactively and aesthetically distributing relevant and engaging material and marketing it across all social networks worldwide.

Whether it’s about growing reach, engaging users, or event sales, social networking widgets’ interaction with the website plays a significant role in today’s marketing environment.
Now let’s break down how to use different social media widgets:

1. Facebook Widget

Facebook is the social media network with the largest built-in audience. As a result, it’s no surprise that it’s a well-known widget. So the first goal for many successful websites is to integrate a Facebook widget. To do so, use a simple WordPress plugin like Smash Balloon’s Personalized Facebook Feed Pro. It’s the popular WordPress Facebook feed addon.

Custom Facebook Feed Pro, which has over 1 million users and a 4.8/5 review, allows you to display your Facebook page or community updates. You can also choose to only see certain types of information, such as activities, status updates, photographs, videos, and galleries.

2. Instagram Widget

Instagram is a new and rapidly growing social media network. You could even call it an influencer and business platform. Therefore, a Facebook widget is just as crucial as an Instagram widget.
Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro can get used as a WordPress plugin. Simply integrate it on your web pages or articles, or use the ready-made plugin to add it to your bar or bottom.
Your Insta feeds are instantly made accessible by the addon, so they look amazing on any platform or screen resolution.

3. Twitter Widget

Customized Twitter Feeds Pro, the finest Twitter feed addon for WordPress, allows us to create and show fully customizable and adaptable Twitter feeds on your site. As a result, you’ll be able to raise brand recognition and revenue for your company.

This plugin has the advantage of looking amazing right out of the box. Your Twitter can be easier compared with your brand’s design aesthetic because it instantly duplicates your website’s current design and layout.

4. YouTube Widget

Feeds for YouTube Pro makes it simple to add personalized YouTube feeds to your site by simply ticking or deselecting options. You don’t have to be a code or design specialist to establish your feed since the addon takes care of everything.

The plugin might also help you save a lot of time. Why? Rather than individually copying the code from each YouTube video, you can directly attach your YouTube page and let them take care of the rest.

Why embedding social media feeds is fruitful?

Incorporating your social network feeds into your site has several benefits, one of which is greater interaction. Second, it centralizes your social network accounts, making them easier to handle and track. Third, integrating increases your brand’s reputation by allowing consumers to talk immediately with your brand and submit user-generated material.

Integrated social media plugins can boost the amount of time visitors remain on your site, or dwell time, by providing them with extra content to interact with, lowering the bounce rate (the number of times users depart your site). A high bounce rate suggests that the content is uninteresting.


It’s more than just generating buzz and displaying your industry’s presence on social media. It’s all about engaging with your customer, exhibiting your target segment, and creating a location that provides the necessary info while reaffirming your brand persona.

You may include your social sharing buttons in your website design in a variety of ways. On the other hand, putting social media buttons is a simple, inconspicuous, and aesthetically beautiful approach to ensure that your customers can discover you online.