Facebook acts as the most popular social portal and an excellent marketing tool for the businesses around the world. Almost every business needs ‘likes’ on their Facebook business page in order to build a reputation among their customers.


Generally, when a Facebook page is made, it has no ‘likes’. Users share it with their friends, family, and request them to like it and share it further with their contacts.  Still, there is a specific number of ‘likes’ that you want to have on your page

There are many small and medium businesses with limited marketing and resource budget that struggle to obtain more fans. While it could be as simple as buying fans, many people question whether they should make or buy Facebook likes. It is an undeniable fact that Facebook is an effective marketing tool but it needs you to invest your time and efforts as any other strategies. Purchased Facebook likes may seem beneficial for the time being but after some time they just become worthless and waste of time.


If Facebook likes are bought from legitimate sources, they can guarantee benefits for long-term period.  For this, you need to understand how Facebook likes work and how to obtain real fans from legitimate websites.


Below is a brief discussion about pros and cons of bought Facebook likes.


People tend to attract to the Facebook pages that are packed with activities and have huge number of ‘likes’. The buying factor gives you instant ‘likes’, helping you draw attention of more Facebook users.


With so many Facebook fans, you can reach a wider number of target audiences within a short span of time. This saves you on efforts and time needed to build your business profile. Likewise, this is handy for those B2C businesses looking for the ways to build ‘likes’ even if those ‘likes’ are not responsive.


As a small business owner, you need to invest your time to strive in all areas to help your business grow.  With Facebook likes, you can save on your time that you would spend on marketing, and carry out other business tasks.



When it comes to buying Facebook likes, not all of them will be your real target audience. However, it is possible that they have contacts who might be interested in your business.


The idea of buying likes may not be a wise investment for B2B businesses. Since those bought fans are unresponsive and non-targeted, they do not offer a return on your investment. Buying targeting Facebook likes, on the other hand, can be worth for beginners and B2C businesses. It’s just that you need to be careful while investing your money in order to get most out of it.


Facebook comes with numerous ways to promote your business page or implement your marketing strategies at low cost. The best approach, however, is to first focus on building Facebook likes before buying as this will help you reach out larger number of genuine prospects and grow your business in real way.

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