According to our independent research, Ibuyfans is the greatest place to buy Facebook comments, responses, and likes in 2022!

Suppose you want your social engagement boosts. In that case, finding the finest locations to purchase Facebook comments can take time and effort.

For many years, Facebook has been gaining users from all around the world.

The social media network grew, expanded its business services, and became one of the world’s largest marketing platforms.

The engagement has become a crucial indicator for many Facebook users because most social contact now occurs online.

Additionally, a creative person, a company introducing a new product, or someone wanting to improve their metrics may need this engagement.

The finest places to buy Facebook comments, comment replies, and even comment likes are broken down in this post.

Best Places to Buy Facebook Comments, likes and replies

Best Sites to Purchase Facebook Likes, Comments, and Replies in 2023

Winner: ibuyfans
media, sir
acquire Real Media
Buy Facebook Likes
Facebook Boss
Social Media Marketing for sale

1. Ibuyfans

Ibuyfans buy facebook comments

Buy Facebook Comments Ibuyfans
Ibuyfans is beneficial if you’re looking for a location to purchase Facebook comments from and want access to a variety of services while also being able to expand the other social media accounts you manage.

They can assist you with Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and other services.

They talk a lot about the benefits of purchasing Facebook comments, answers, and comment likes on their website. They also mention how highly trusted their customers find them and that they guarantee genuine comments.

They walk you through the procedure step-by-step, so you will be able to buy Facebook comments easily.

2. media, sir

Media Mister Buy Comments on Facebook
Facebook comment buying is becoming a far more widespread element of many users’ marketing strategies.

Instead of waiting for organic growth to occur over several months, the idea behind this service is for you to rapidly plug into the Facebook user base even more with fresh impact and interaction.

The key to succeeding on Facebook is building your reputation, relevance, and trustworthiness, all of which can be done by using the social media network more frequently.

Buy Comments on Facebook
All comments on Media Mister come from natural, authentic profiles located all over the world.

You can choose to buy Facebook comments from users in several nations, including France, Brazil, Thailand, and others, if you so choose.

The business can also provide gender-specific Facebook remarks upon request.

Depending on your particular demands, pricing starts at as little as $2 for orders with numbers ranging from 10 to 500 comments.

Additionally, the staff at Media Mister guarantees a secure and trustworthy service for their clients. Facebook’s comment sections are subject to some rather rigorous guidelines.

You must also ensure that any comments you post on the platform are 100 percent original, secure, and the work of real people.

They don’t use automated or template comments or text-repeating spinning programs.

Purchase Facebook Comments
Facebook replies can be purchased with equal success as organic responses. However, if they appear spammy and unrelated to the topic, you will need help to get through.

False statements, on the other hand, can be very damaging.

They could damage your reputation or get your account flagged on Facebook. However, the level of competition on the Facebook network is only increasing.

To differentiate yourself from the competition, you should have a few tricks up your sleeve. The responses to Media Mister’s comments reveal your products’ reliability, legitimacy, and authenticity.

Additionally, purchasing Facebook comments and replies can make you appear active and that your content is well-liked.

Buy comments on Facebook.

Purchasing Facebook likes
is not a recent development on the social media site; it has been possible for a while.

Whether this kind of business lacks ethics will be around for a while, and the motivation to buy Facebook comment likes and skip the organic development phase won’t either.

To start, you should evaluate the many categories of likes that are available and ascertain your needs. Facebook

Likes can be used for a variety of things, each with its own advantages and potential to influence different people or enterprises.

The capacity to rapidly raise the perceived importance and worth of practically any post or comment is the most apparent benefit of buying Facebook likes.

One of the most reputable Facebook marketing tools platforms is Media Mister.

Given how important Facebook account security is to both current and new consumers, this degree of prominence speaks loudly.

Even though it is totally legal, using these services can be dangerous due to Facebook’s general terms of service.

3. GetAFollower

Media Mister Buy Comments on Facebook
Facebook remarks
GetAFollower, another top option on our list, has long been a favorite among social media marketers.

For many years, they have offered high-quality services, and they appear to be constantly increasing their perks whenever they can.

The business guarantees all comments are genuine, and they even offer personalized remarks from a wide range of nations, so you may target particular demographics.

They also vow to constantly provide high-quality comments that boost user interaction with your posts.

Your personal information will be protected entirely during purchasing Facebook comments from GetAFollower, and you can take advantage of a secure and user-friendly website.

You can anticipate having your Facebook comments sent without delay as soon as you submit your order.

Additionally, they accept a wide range of payment options, including Bitcoin, PayPal, and MasterCard.

This website is frequently praised as one of the most reliable for processing payments.

Customers feel safe using the range of payment options and level of protection offered, which keeps them returning for more.

GetAFollower offers bespoke, random, and emoji comments, allowing you to get a range of comments for your Facebook posts if you’re looking for a specific comment feature.

Commentary Responses
GetAFollower’s comment reply service is just as excellent as their remarks.

Additionally, the business only uses genuine comments from actual people, which will increase engagement with your post and the curiosity of other Facebook users.

Additionally, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee and round-the-clock customer service on all orders.

Using comment replies is a fantastic method to boost a post’s authenticity and generate more natural engagement.

Fortunately, GetAFollower won’t drain your bank account either—you can purchase Facebook comment answers for as little as $2.

To prevent spamming your post, you may also anticipate that your comment answers will be sent out promptly and at an appropriate rate.

You must pick a service carefully so that it doesn’t have a track record of causing account bans due to spammy content.

Just the frequency of social interaction alone can hasten this.

Not to mention the comments’ actual substance, Facebook will quickly identify this type of activity if all it sees are garbled letters or spammed emojis.

Likes on comments
Buying likes for Facebook posts, pages, or comments from GetAFollower is a relatively inexpensive way to make sure your Facebook account is victorious over the term.

Growing organically yielded only some benefits.

A small investment in Facebook comment likes could aid audience growth, future growth, and even potential financial gain.

The ability to effectively communicate one’s brand to the public and customers is essential for business success.

Your brand is more likely to flourish in the long run the more well-known it is. Additionally, you want to spread awareness of the benefits that your business may provide to customers.

People visit your company’s Facebook page because they want to participate and keep up with current events.

For the typical Facebook user, getting organic likes might take a lot of work.

Users will only choose to stay on your company’s page if there is engagement in your postings.

Your Facebook page’s engagement will eventually rise if your posts receive many comments and likes.

You will naturally attract more visitors and potential consumers to your page as the number of likes rises.

A quick and easy strategy to increase total organic interaction is by using GetAFollower to create real Facebook comment likes.

4. acquire Real Media

Buy Facebook Comments Buy Real Media
Facebook remarks
It’s crucial to exercise due diligence and only transact with businesses that deliver outcomes.

Buy Real Media offers high-quality Facebook comments that you may purchase.

Additionally, they offer comments you can be confident will be pertinent to the subject of your post.

Purchasing comments that appear to be organic is very safe. Furthermore, they must be unique and pertinent to your content in every instance.

Alternatively, Facebook may find them immediately and remove them, or your audience could learn about your strategies and call you out for them.

Buy Real Media makes it simple and affordable to buy accurate Facebook comments.

They guarantee safe and dependable comments on all types of Facebook content, designed from the bottom up by their committed staff to keep your comments pertinent to the article in question.

The business gives you the option of personalized Facebook comments in which you have complete control over the language and wording or random words selected by their team.

Purchase Facebook comments for the lowest prices possible, always backed by their unique guarantee.

Commentary Responses
For more than 10 years, the experts at Buy Real Media have helped numerous clients worldwide with their Facebook engagement strategy.

Additionally, they only offer actual Facebook comments, and only Buy Real Media can deliver the best-curated comment replies.

You may customize the content and have them dispersed naturally when you buy custom Facebook comments from them.

Additionally, every comment is made by a natural person with an active Facebook account.

They’re also among the safest locations to purchase Facebook comments and reactions.

They manage payments through PayTR, guaranteeing that all user data and financial information is secured using the most recent 256-bit SSL encryption technology.

Whatever payment option you choose, the business has robust security safeguards to guarantee 100 percent secure transactions on its website.

Likes on comments
Buy Real Media is consistently dependable whether you want to buy likes for specific comments, text postings, or photographs.

As usual, the corporation only engages from legitimate accounts, won’t spam your material, and never will their Facebook comment likes cause your account to be labeled for questionable behavior.

All likes are sent effectively but in a secure, timely, and natural manner.

Buy Real Media makes it simple and quick to buy Facebook comment likes. Depending on the quantity of your order, the marketing company will send the likes in one to twenty-four days.

It may take up to two weeks to fully execute an order for tens of thousands of Facebook comment likes because it needs to appear as genuine as possible.

The struggle for popularity on social media is constant, and buying Facebook likes for your content gives you an early advantage over sluggish organic development, which may take months or even years.

Buying Facebook comment likes gives you an advantage over the competition and can help you at any stage of the life of your Facebook account.

5. buyfbcomments

If you want to buy Facebook comments, the first three websites listed in this post are some of the most excellent options for a variety of services.

Though they offer less diversity than the final two we’ll discuss, they are still great choices.

One of the most straightforward Facebook comment services, BuyFBComments, offers just that.

Currently, the website offers several tiers for purchasing Facebook comments, and you can either customize each and everyone or enter a limited number and have them rotate.

This is a quick and effective way to increase engagement.

You can also anticipate a quick response from their customer care specialists if you happen to encounter problems with your order, given that it’s a little organized.

The rate at which you receive these comments may vary significantly because BuyFBComments does not offer any drip-feed mechanism for them.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that every website has a unique method of selecting these remarks, so you should carefully evaluate what the business has to offer to make sure it meets your specific requirements.

Suppose you want a quick influx of comments on a Facebook post or photo. In that case, this website is unquestionably a quick fix.

Although they are more expensive, you may personalize each comment, and they always deliver.

Additionally, they haven’t received any reports of a security compromise, and their website is secure.

If you ever intend to spend any money, it is always crucial to keep this in mind.

You might assume that this website is lacking in contrast to others. Still, it takes a straightforward approach without any appeals.

They hardly ever ask for personal information about you, and you always know exactly what you’re receiving when you’re getting it.

Some people like to invest the least amount of money possible, and BuyFBComments enables you to do just that.

6. Facebook Boss

social master
Social Boss, a marketplace for social media marketing services, is a trustworthy option to add to the list. This naturally includes various marketing options that Facebook members can use.

This business implements these services in a reasonably straightforward manner as well. In a few ways, Social Boss provides less and more.

Even though you cannot modify your comments, you can get 100 excellent comments for just $20.

Additionally, the service offers Facebook likes for your pages, posts, and photographs.

Since all of their marketing initiatives are carried out languidly, your participation appears to be positive overall.

These comments will also increase the organic engagement of your content naturally and will never be flagged or deleted.

Additionally, this website doesn’t offer comment replies. Still, it provides quick and straightforward Facebook services that are less expensive than BuyFBComments.

When there are numerous factors to take into account, each website has something to offer.

Each one is a viable alternative because everyone’s specific needs vary, regardless of whether it’s their payment and data security, marketing services and features, or customer service.

If you continue to employ Social Boss’ services, they guarantee ongoing interaction on your Facebook material and provide 24/7 customer care.

Social Boss can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to increase engagement on a particular text post or you want your new video to go viral.

Their staff of professionals is knowledgeable enough to select the best comments for the tone of your work.

Customizing your own comments can be a benefit but can also be a hassle.

Only some people have access to organic and genuine accounts, and others possess the imagination to produce hundreds of pieces of original material independently.

Because of this, even though Social bosses could occasionally lack a function, they excel in other respects.

7. Buzzvoice

Buzzvoice can assist you with either random or personalized Facebook comments. Thus they can help you with everything related to increasing interaction on your Facebook page.

They claim that if you email them the URL to your post, they may increase your Facebook comments in only a few hours.

Make sure that your Facebook page is public, and either write your own comments or let them brainstorm some original ones for you.

You will have to pay $5.47 for 100 randomly generated comments, and they claim that delivery will take up to 24 hours. These prices are competitive with competitors in the sector.

8. Likesgeek

Likesgeek You may choose what kind of Facebook comments you want to purchase from Likesgeek since they promise competitive pricing, premium comments of the highest quality, and competitive prices for their words.

You can select how many comments you receive, whether this is 10, 20, or even 100, by simply entering the URL of the page where you want your comments to be sent.

You can choose your preferred payment method, whether you want to use PayPal, bitcoin, or another choice, and they claim that the delivery time might range from 5 to 20 hours.

With all of their interaction, you may get live chat help and find actual individuals from all over the world commenting on your Facebook postings.

9. Social Media Marketing for sale

Social Media Marketing for sale
The following website on our list is a great choice, especially if you want to be able to source Facebook comments from all over the world.

They have packages for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

They also provide excellent customer service and some of the most affordable prices in the sector.

Their user-friendly website is excellent and will significantly simplify your life.

In support of their stellar reputation, they also provide convincing evidence that they have customers worldwide.

10. AppSally

Another highly comprehensive platform that offers services to anyone attempting to build their business online is AppSally.

They have an excellent reputation and support a wide range of apps, so they can assist you with anything, whether you’re currently trying to expand your Facebook, Twitter, or both.

They provide perfect delivery, quick customer service, and a high level of client care, so you can rest assured that working with them will put you in good hands.


Can I buy comments on Facebook?

You absolutely have the option to purchase Facebook comments. You might be surprised to learn that there are several businesses out there that can assist you in purchasing Facebook comments.

It’s funny that employing a bot on Facebook to increase interaction is prohibited, yet purchasing Facebook comments is not.

This is particularly important if it came from an actual account. It becomes prohibited when you use a phony profile or a bot to get Facebook comments.

You must ensure that the business you are working with has a solid reputation and can generate the level of engagement necessary to sustain your Facebook page over time.

How Effective Are Facebook Comment Buys?

Purchasing Facebook comments will work if you are working with the proper firm.

There are several businesses that provide social media promotion services, and they all approach this in different ways.

Regardless of their strategy, you will receive Facebook comments that could affect your page.

It would be best if you kept an eye out for the retention rate or the possibility that Facebook comments will stick to your Facebook content after they have been sent.

We advise you to choose something other than a firm with a low retention rate because you will ultimately squander your time and money using their offerings.

Can I purchase Facebook comments with confidence?

The quick answer to this issue is that purchasing Facebook comments is safe for you as long as you partner with a business that values your online security and isn’t planning to jeopardize it in any manner.

You must ensure that they offer the appropriate encryption techniques and security that you require and that their engagement is of the highest caliber and won’t land you in legal trouble.

It is safe to purchase Facebook comments as long as your business is concerned with this sort of thing.

To Sum Up

Other websites offer the same thing if you want to purchase Facebook comments, comment replies, or comment likes, but their tiny print states differently.

This article offers information on many options you may utilize for your content on Facebook, whether you want to click and buy or set up bespoke campaigns.

Whether it’s customizable comments, various drip-feed settings, or reasonably priced likes, each website where you can buy Facebook comments, comment replies, and comment likes is distinct in the Facebook marketing services it offers. One of the examples listed in this article should work for what you’re looking for.