When it would be appropriate to include a follow button on your Facebook profile

What to do

  • Settings and Privacy can be accessed on the website by going to>Settings Privacy > Public Posts.
  • Settings & Privacy > Settings > Profile Settings > Public Posts is where you’ll find it if you’re using the app.
  • Select Public from the Who Can Follow Me drop-down menu.

This tutorial will teach you how to add a follow button to your Facebook profile, allowing users who are not your friends to follow your public postings. We will also discuss the differences between having someone as a friend and having them as a follower, as well as the circumstances under which you could choose one over the other.

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What are the Benefits of Including a Follow Button on Your Facebook Profile?

If a user clicks the follow button on your profile, they can view all of the publicly visible updates you publish in their own news feed. This is analogous to seeing what another person or page posts on your News Feed if you follow or friend them.

When you consider how popular it is for people to follow Facebook pages or users on Marketplace, you can see why this is the case, and it makes a lot of sense. A straightforward follow button enables users to keep tabs on what page posts, eliminating the need for a company to cultivate friendships with every user who could be interested in its content.

You can make a follow button available to your site’s visitors if you desire the same level of involvement and relationship on your personal Facebook profile as your business page. Now, although you can set up a Facebook page for your company, doing so is optional because personal pages can also attract followers.

Suppose you have reached Facebook’s restriction of 5,000 friends but still want others to be able to view your postings. In that case, another reason to consider accepting followers is so that you can continue to grow your audience.

Facebook Friends vs. Followers

You can add someone as a friend on Facebook even if you don’t follow them, and you can follow someone even if you’ve never asked for their friendship! It might not be immediately apparent why there are two choices. Still, both are there to give users more power over how they communicate with one another, even though it may sound complicated.

If you and someone else are friends, you will naturally follow each other’s social media accounts. They are exposed to your posts, reels, stories, and soundbites whenever they browse through your News Feed. You can open up your profile to followers, allowing users who are not your friends to follow your public updates and remain up to date without having to visit your page actively.

On Facebook, whenever someone requests to be your friend and sends you the request, you can either accept or decline the request. This effectively protects your Privacy, as it prevents strangers from following your activity in the News Feed and seeing what you post there. When you add someone as a friend, a link will appear next to their profile on your friends list.

When someone follows your profile, it happens immediately, and you are not required to give your permission or go through any approval process. They can view new content you have posted, and your profile will be displayed in the Following section of their account.

You aren’t listed as “friends” with these people in the traditional sense, so you won’t see any of their postings in your feed. To stop someone from following you, you must either block them or put them on a list of restricted users.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a Follow Button to Your Facebook Profile

You can add a follow button to your profile by entering your account settings. Whether you’re using a computer or the mobile app, here’s how to proceed:

Construct a Follow Button Using Your Computer

  • Choose Settings & privacy > Settings from the drop-down menu located in the top-right corner of Facebook.
  • Select Privacy from the list of options on the left.
  • Select the Public Posts option.
  • Choose Public from the drop-down menu to the right of Who Can Follow Me.

Create a Follow Button Within the App

Performing this action through the mobile app is comparable to doing it through the website, but it is different.

You may access your settings and Privacy by tapping the menu button in the upper right corner, then scrolling down until you see the expand icon.

  • Choose Settings.
  • Tap the Profile Settings button, then tap the Public Posts option.
  • Select Public from the drop-down menu in the first section labeled Who Can Follow Me.


What are the steps I need to take to follow someone on Facebook?

If a person has not added the “follow” option to their profile, you will not be able to follow them; however, you will still be able to become friends with them. If they have, you will see it on their profile page, right next to the button that allows you to request a friend.

Where can I see a list of the people that follow me on Facebook?

The list of people who follow you on Facebook will be displayed in the Friends pane. On the very far right, you should see a tab labeled Followers.

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