There are various reasons why you might want more Instagram followers. Some want it to increase the social media presence of their brand. Others want it for Instagram product sales. Some individuals desire a larger following in order to become paid influencers on Instagram. Regardless of which one you are, using the strategies we’ll cover now will help you gain more followers. Thanks to the large number of active users it has, Instagram has developed into a fantastic and significant market. This is a huge benefit for you whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or a retailer selling your own goods. As a result, you should benefit from everything this market has to offer. You must increase your online presence for this. Do you, then, even remotely know how to do this? You are in the perfect place if you have no idea how to increase your Instagram account. We will therefore outline the first action you should do to enhance your Instagram account. So let’s begin right away.

how to get more instagram followers

How to Increase Your Instagram Following

Getting more followers is the first and most crucial step you should do to improve your Instagram account. The more followers you have, the wider your audience will be. That is crucial for influencers, brands, and e-commerce experts alike. For these folks, there are numerous techniques to increase their Instagram following. You may increase your Instagram followers with careful work and by using the advice we’ll give you soon. The majority of the advice on this list is totally free. We haven’t forgotten about those who still need to develop more quickly, though. Let’s not make you wait much longer, then. We may now begin our list of suggestions for growing your Instagram following.

how to increase instagram followers

To harness the power of hashtags, create a brand-specific hashtag

Let’s first go through what hashtags do before we discuss how they can help you gain more followers. What are branded and unique hashtags used for? Because of them, you can compile your greatest posts into a collection. How, therefore, might this assist you in gaining more followers? We can provide an easy example to demonstrate this. Let’s imagine that you have compiled your greatest posts using these hashtags to build a collection. This collection of yours may appear in a search conducted by another user on Instagram. In this situation, your most popular collection will be the first to appear in the search results for these users. Users are more inclined to follow your account if they see your top posts. At worst, they will share these wonderful posts they stumble across by liking and commenting. For your marketing initiatives, you can even make your own hashtags. Spread the word about the hashtag you made especially for your campaign. So, make sure they are included in the bios of all your social network pages. These specific hashtags ought to be used in your brand’s advertisements, receipts, and even on store signs. Therefore, it can be known by everyone. Some would even favor using radio broadcasts to steer listeners toward these personalized hashtags. By combining your offline and online marketing efforts, you will be able to unify your strategy. Let’s now talk about the hashtag uses that are relevant to your sector and how they might help you. To reach more potential followers, hashtags that include words unique to the sectors that your firm serves are more effective. We must keep in mind that there is fierce sectoral competition for these hashtags. To avoid confusion, use as many more precise terms as you can while using these hashtags.

instagram hastag

You might be surprised to learn how effective bio optimization can be

Every day, you are able to draw more and more visitors to your profile page. Undoubtedly, that is a crucial step in your quest to increase your Instagram following. What, then, do you believe is going to convince them to follow your Instagram profile at this point? The way you greet them on your profile page is the obvious solution. What does “meet them” on their profile page mean? That is comparable to how you welcome customers into your store. How can you then display this greeting on your Instagram profile page? Simply view your profile page through the eyes of your customers to arrive at the correct conclusion. When they first land on your profile page, where do you think they’ll start looking? As soon as they enter your profile page, they will start by reading your bio. They will therefore evaluate your credibility. Therefore, you should convey your trustworthiness and sincerity to your potential followers in your bio. Therefore, you must convey to them that the profile page represents your company. First, properly enhance your Instagram bio. What then should you do? Let’s discuss some helpful advice in this regard. First, your bio should include the URL of your website and some big brand symbols. Additionally, it will enhance website traffic and conversions for you. Then, include the hashtags we listed in our earlier advice in your bio. Keep in mind that these hashtags should include words that are unique to your brand, marketing strategy, and sector. Finally, check to see if your username corresponds to that of your brand and other social media profiles. Now let’s move on to the next advice.

Make a content calendar and follow it religiously

According to studies, Instagram accounts with higher followers publish content frequently and at specific times. We’ll go into further detail right away if you’re wondering why this is significant. Let’s start by outlining the purpose of the content calendar. You may avoid overlooking holidays that are significant for your brand and target market. You should put together a comprehensive content calendar specifically for this. Though it hasn’t yet ended. The creation of a content schedule has other advantages besides that. The information we’re about to give you is a really efficient way to increase Instagram engagement and follower numbers. You should pay close attention to this section as a result. The first guideline for increasing engagement and followers is to avoid posting at random. Simply posting at the times when your followers are most active will increase interaction. You ought to follow suit if you wish to increase your Instagram following. This time, you need to share your posts during a moment when the platform’s potential followers are most active. How then do you choose and plan these times? You are now greeted by extensive research and analytical tasks. You should do this by figuring out when both your present and potential followers are on the platform the most. Add these hours and dates as soon as you’ve decided upon them to your content calendar. Your followers will have a consistent experience if you follow the content calendar you have created. Your content calendar was the result of much investigation and analysis. What are your plans to remember all of these dates and times to post? Be at ease. You can also use certain tools to your advantage in this situation. You could benefit from using one of these tools in this situation.

Add Your Voice to the Hot Agenda Topics

Hashtags are a part of this issue as well. This time, our counsel will differ a little from what we said about custom hashtags. Target audiences with an interest in more specialized themes were drawn to hashtags with a specific purpose. This time, in addition to these hashtags, you should also utilize more generic and current hashtags. To find the most hotly debated agenda items, you should conduct research. As you prepare your posts, incorporate these popular hashtags into them. They are referred to as super-popular hashtags. You may reach a far larger audience with your brand in this manner. So where do you obtain these incredibly well-liked hashtags? Now let’s explain it. To find these powerful hashtags, use the Google Trends app. You can use Google Trends to find out what subjects are trending at particular times. You can also use these time frames on an hourly basis. Use your dedicated hashtags together with the hashtags you create for these trending subjects to join in on the conversation. You successfully selected trending subjects with the help of Google Trends. You shouldn’t, however, take this too far. When using these hashtags, exercise moderation. Your social media marketing approach shouldn’t focus heavily on these extremely well-liked hashtags. It is true that a larger audience is drawn to certain hashtags. That can tempt you as well. However, using these powerful hashtags can only help you gain more followers. In terms of change, which is what your firm really needs, it might not be much of a help. You should also employ the unique hashtags we discussed in a strategic manner for a social media marketing plan that focuses on driving conversions. As a result, you will be able to reach larger populations without losing sight of your conversion strategy.

Don’t Forget About IG Reels

Reels is one of the most crucial aspects that both business and individual brands should leverage on IG. We must make a note of something right away. Reels has a lot to offer, so if you haven’t tried it before, be sure you’re losing out. Because this function gives you more options than obtaining Instagram followers. I believe that even stating one point would be sufficient to convey just how significant Reels is to the new IG. Reels is now located in the middle of the main navigation bar. You can use this tool to share videos rather than plain pictures. Although these video clips have a maximum length of 30 seconds, music can also be added. What makes using the Reels feature so crucial, then? Reels videos have gained attention thanks to new events on IG. Users are now more frequently browsing these films as a result. Therefore, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if these Reels videos become popular. Of course, IG makes this possible for a very good reason. Because users follow accounts, they do not just watch their Reels movies. Additionally, they get access to the Reels of users they do not follow. Reels provides a chance to expand your reach beyond your followers, as you can see from here. Furthermore, it’s important to realize that there isn’t much competition for this new function just yet. Because of this, the shares you generate here could significantly outpace those of your rivals on this site. To use Reels films for your brand more successfully, conduct research. With the fresh insights you’ll acquire from this research, you can create reels that highlight your business. Let’s go on to our next helpful advice.

Boost the Diversity and Inclusion on Your Profile Page

Your account will be easier to access if your profile page is inclusive and varied. The market for your brand will grow as a result. Additionally, it will boost your account participation. Your account’s capacity to satisfy these two requirements will also help you gain more Instagram followers. So how do you go about doing that? There are numerous ways to obtain an account that will satisfy these requirements. Let’s now begin to discuss these methods. Let’s start off by outlining the simplest course of action. The first step to boosting your engagement and accessibility is to add captions to every video you post on your profile. Why is this crucial? Let’s talk about some research findings to illustrate this. On Facebook and Instagram, most videos are viewed in silence. However, viewers may find it more challenging to understand quiet videos. You should definitely assist them with it. By including subtitles to your videos, you can simplify this procedure for your viewers. Let’s give you one more piece of advice for adding subtitles to your videos. For your IGTV videos, you can use the automated captioning tool. Additionally, this feature is available in 16 other languages. For influencers, having a wide variety of content is crucial. Because working with influencers who have a range of content will be beneficial for brands looking to grow their audiences. Working with these influencers will provide brands a fantastic chance to demonstrate their social conscience. That will broaden the audience for brands and improve their reputation. Brands won’t let such a lucrative deal pass them by, you can be sure of that.

Make sure every last aspect of your marketing strategy is considered

This procedure doesn’t just apply to the Instagram account for your company. For all of your brand’s social media platforms, it is true and crucial. Exactly for this reason, organizations require expert social media marketing management. Every company’s social media initiatives need to be managed with professionalism. Given the significance of the circumstance, certain brands could favor working with a qualified agency. Brands with modest resources opt to hire experts who will work in the appropriate division. You should pick one of these two strategies as well for a more effective social media campaign. However, in this section, we’ll offer some suggestions for companies whose budgets don’t allow for either of these two choices. You can slightly clarify your IG plans with the help of these suggestions. The strategy you should use to increase your Instagram following is as follows: Asking yourself why you want more Instagram followers will help you create a solid strategy. To respond to this question, decide what your IG strategy’s objective is. We may categorize the primary objectives you could set for your IG strategy into three groups. Increasing the visibility of your brand on the IG platform is one of the most crucial of these objectives. Increasing your product sales could be a key objective of your IG strategy. Additionally, you might designate your brand’s Instagram account’s strategy as increasing website traffic. For your IG approach, choose one of these objectives. Maintain this approach as well. Your IG account will remain consistent if you stick to the objectives you establish for your methods. You can choose a technique that works for your approach to attract more followers in this way. For instance, will you expand your Instagram following using a specific audience or a larger one? This question can also be answered with the aid of the target you’ll set in your approach.

Create a Brand Story

You say that stories are boring and only for children. Brand tales, however, can be quite alluring to customers. People might desire to learn about how the goods they consume were made. That is unrelated to enjoying stories. It all comes down to curiosity. As a brand, it is your duty to craft these narratives with an appreciation for aesthetics. The best person to handle this is you. You started and developed this brand. But don’t be afraid to ask experts for assistance when you want to enhance the visual appeal of your narrative. So what impact do brand tales have on people? What suggestions do you have for better brand stories? Here are some suggestions to assist you and educate you on what brand stories accomplish: Through the eyes of your staff, describe your goods and services. That might produce a compelling brand story. Your items and services will become more relatable to customers thanks to the narrative you’ll develop in this approach using an aesthetic knowledge. You can describe the steps taken in the manufacturing process of the goods you have put on the market. Never forget to include an artistic element to keep this kind of story from being monotonous. These articles may be intriguing on IG since they pique users’ interests. How pleased are the customers who purchase the goods and services from your company? Have your goods and services facilitated their success? If so, you have a fantastic narrative concept. Make up tales about the achievements of your clients. Inspiring people with these tales will draw more interest and boost your conversion rates.

Reflect Your Brand’s Sense of Beauty on Instagram

Instagram is a great medium for displaying your brand’s mastery of aesthetics. Making the most of this chance provided by the platform will help you gain Instagram followers. There are various ways to express the aesthetic of your brand on Instagram. Remember that the aesthetic of your brand will become its personality. The best catalyst for accelerating this process is IG. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it will become permanent in due course while attempting to express your brand’s aesthetic on Instagram. Create a strong brand aesthetic, then mirror it on Instagram. You can increase your Instagram following in this way by grabbing more people’s attention. What approach will you take then? At this time, that is the most crucial question we need to address. Let’s start working now. Being consistent over the long haul is the first rule of getting IG followers by reflecting your brand’s aesthetic. Decide on the brand personality you want to develop as a result before you begin this task. Try to think about the personality of your brands when doing this from any viewpoint you can. Your brand should become associated with the aesthetics you will develop over time. Therefore, every post that appears on your profile page and is visible to your followers should reflect this brand identity. For this, consider the grid on your profile page as a single entity. Additionally, you can share posts in stories that are incompatible with this unified unit. We’ve discussed the significance of hashtags. Keep in mind that you will use them frequently. As a result, the hashtags you designate for your brand and marketing initiatives should also fit with your brand personality. Because you must put them beneath each post.

Effectively Produce and Use IGTV Series

The data shows that in 2020, IGTV had the highest user viewing volume because to the Covid-19 quarantine. It would be more correct to state that, out of all the features on IG, it had garnered the most user interest. Because of this, it would be very advantageous for your brand to use IGTV right now. You query why. Because to the growing interest in IGTV, you may quickly reach new audiences on this platform. So how do you take advantage of this chance? If you haven’t used IGTV well before, this will be a fresh opportunity for you to connect with more viewers. But at this stage, there are a few things you ought to focus on more than usual. If you’re new to IGTV, it’s likely that you don’t have a lot of expertise or experience regarding what viewers will find interesting. Identify the interests of IGTV viewers. We’ll give you a quick, wise tip to help you with this. There is something you can do if you’re new to IGTV and unsure of what could attract your potential followers. Visit the IGTV accounts of your industry’s rivals. Check out each of the IGTV videos that have received the most views on their accounts. Examine these videos to discover their high levels of engagement. Then, using these kinds of IGTV videos, you may access a larger group of potential users. You shouldn’t forget about one more crucial element at this time, though. There will be a lot of competition in IGTV videos of the same genre as those of your rivals. In order to expand your video variety, always analyze more IGTV channels. Create an IGTV series in this manner to increase the number of Instagram followers for your channel.

Enhance Your Brand Through Influencer Collaboration

Influencers help brands reach new audiences by acting as a wildcard. Have you fully optimized your brand’s Instagram account? Have you attracted as many Instagram followers as you possibly can? If you honestly believe that, reconsider. If you haven’t worked with an influencer before, you are unaware of the potential benefits it may have for growing your account. Therefore, working with an influencer is not just effective for accounts that are properly optimized. You can employ this strategy if you don’t have the time to enhance your brand’s Instagram account. In this situation, working with an influencer will enhance your Instagram account, however briefly. However, as we indicated in our list, don’t forget to optimize your account. Thus, you might achieve the best outcomes. You will be able to maximize the effectiveness of any collaboration you have with an influencer in this way. Let me now share some tips with you for working with influencers. Numerous studies have been conducted to date on the advantages of working with influencers to promote brands. You might believe that large-scale or mega influencers will help you gain the greatest engagement and followers. These investigations do, however, turn up some unexpected findings. Micro-influencers are therefore very important for giving marketers the best reach and interaction possible. Why is this the case, then? Actually, the response is fairly straightforward. Micro-influencers have a considerably narrower public appeal than other celebrities. In other words, it is very evident what interests the audiences that micro-influencers target. All you have to do is work with an influencer whose audience is similar to the target audience for your brand.

Utilize Offline and Online Networks to Increase Your Following

You can see why working through online networks makes sense in this situation. You might be curious as to what it means to operate in offline networks, though. Therefore, let’s begin by outlining it first. A corporate brand is unquestionably a legitimate business. Promote your brand’s Instagram page therefore in these companies, especially your retailers. You may start by putting the name of the Instagram account for your company on your signage. Add the name of your Instagram account to your company’s cards, bags, and brochures. These items are very likely to be passed from hand to hand. By connecting your brand’s Instagram account with a legitimate company, you may also create a lot of trust. That can be significant in your customers’ eyes. Now that we’ve hopefully made our position clear, let’s talk about promoting your Instagram account on other websites.

Use each online platform associated with your brand to promote the others. Therefore, frequently publish messages like “You may follow us at @brandIGaddress” on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to mention all of your social media platforms on the website for your brand. Even better, create a dedicated web page just for it. Additionally, find the social media platforms where your target audience is most active. On these networks, mention your Instagram account. Facebook is a significant social network where you can find more potential Instagram followers. So, your work is even simpler than it would be otherwise. Did you do a thorough analysis of your target audience? Then, you could possibly ascertain their areas of interest. On this site, you may simply get to them as a result. You query how. Identify Facebook groups that are specific to their interests. There are thousands and thousands of potential followers that you may reach. You just need to promote there.

Create Contests That Are Right for Your Instagram Account

Do you want to know how to gain Instagram followers quickly? So, obviously, this is one of the solutions you’ve been seeking for. Your Instagram account can obtain access to a large number of new prospective followers by holding contests. Additionally, with the assistance of existing followers, you may easily gain new followers. So, have you ever run a similar competition? Don’t worry if you answered negatively. Such an easy task will not be difficult to describe or comprehend. More exists. These tournaments have very little financial outlay. These competitions might be planned by giving out little presents. Let’s now discuss the competitions that you can have on Instagram.

  • Set up a raffle competition

By holding sweepstakes, you can reach a bigger audience. You can increase your Instagram following as a result. Ask individuals who do not already follow your account to do so so they may enter the giveaway you will host. Through your followers, spread the word about these contests to more people. By routinely holding these competitions, you can attract a lot more fans. Additionally, all you need to do is provide the winners with modest prizes.

  • Create competitions where you reward participants with votes in exchange for like a post on your page

Such contests will increase your engagement and following count. You should make as many people aware that you are running this contest. Post announcements about it on all of your social media platforms.

  • Create competitions where your fans can cast votes by tagging their friends in your postings

Additionally, request that your new fans tag their friends in the same manner. Give them voting privileges for the people they will tag as friends. You may expand the contest’s audience significantly in this method. You will increase your Instagram following as a result.

Using IG Ads, you can also gain followers

You might need to slightly open your pocketbook if you want to increase your Instagram following in a shorter amount of time. But don’t worry—it will be worthwhile. After all, we have already shared with you free techniques. Let’s now aid those who are prepared to widen the pouch’s mouth in rising more quickly. Let’s first briefly discuss what IG advertisements will accomplish. You will always be unable to connect with some Instagram users, no matter how hard you try. As a result, you might have followed every advice item on this list to the letter. In this instance, your account has attained the highest possible number of followers by natural means. To achieve your objectives, your account could, however, need to grow even more. When things reach this point, your best course of action is to utilize IG advertisements. You can quickly reach users who your brand can’t otherwise reach thanks to these advertisements. In this regard, the best kinds of advertising you may deploy are those in your IG Feed. Users will see posts from your brand in their feed along with other posts if you place a feed advertisement. Stories are an additional ad format where you can promote your brand. Users will see your adverts in this kind of advertisement while they browse the tales. The Explore section of Instagram is another area where you can advertise. Users can find your advertising in the Explore tab here. It’s not as expensive to advertise on Instagram as you would believe. Ads can also be targeted to increase their effectiveness by a great deal. These advertisements can be tailored to users’ interests, demographics, or location.

Bring SEO’s strength to Instagram

Your best tool for becoming more visible in online environments has always been SEO. However, SEO functions somewhat differently on IG. As you are aware, IG has a search engine as well. Therefore, there is an algorithm that will rank the outcomes of user-performed queries. Unlike other search engines, this algorithm uses distinct metrics to rank the results. For this reason, these variations must be taken into account while conducting IG SEO studies. Let’s now discuss these distinctions in more detail. As a result, you might have a better strategy and rank higher in search results. The keywords are where IG SEO differs the most from other search engines. On this platform, keywords don’t have a significant impact. The most significant factor affecting search results is hashtag usage. The value of hashtags in attracting new followers has previously been touched upon in this list. Therefore, additional explanation of this is not necessary here. The profiles and posts that users interact with most frequently are a significant aspect that sets IG SEO apart from similar services. While ranking search results, the IG search algorithm also takes into account the accounts and posts that users interact with. One of the key factors influencing these outcomes is the search history of users.

Be able to be found locally

You may be surprised to learn that over half of all internet buyers like stores nearby. For localizing your Instagram profile, this information is sufficient. So I’ll stop trying to persuade you of this now. All I’ll do is explain how to localize your Instagram profile. That procedure is really quite easy. Adding a location tag to each post you make on your profile is all that is required. You already efficiently utilize hashtags in each of your postings. While adding these hashtags, you simply need to add location-specific hashtags. All of your posts will be easier to find on IG as a result of this straightforward action. One more thing concerning location tagging, please. Location tags have more than simply a primary Instagram feed. They also have stories of their own. By attaching location stickers to these Stories, you may participate as well. Location stickers and badges are crucial, especially for small local companies. That will boost both their traffic and engagement. Use this straightforward tagging because of this.

Buy Instagram Followers

buy instagram followers

We have covered every strategy there is for increasing Instagram followers. To make it quick and simple if you don’t want to bother with any of them, buy Instagram followers. From Ibuyfans, you can purchase real Instagram followers and begin immediately expanding your account. Purchasing followers from our website is completely secure. Consider purchasing active Instagram followers for your account by visiting

Short Guide to Growing Instagram Followers

In the world of marketing today, IG is in a very significant position. This enormous platform has also given our planet a brand-new, entirely different-sized market. Many people and organizations also wish to gain from this brand-new, enormous economic world. Because of this, both corporate and independent brands want to profit from this platform. However, these are not the only ways that IG allows users to monetize their accounts. On this site, many people can earn money as influencers who might appeal to sizable audiences. You must first enlarge your account in order to give all of these. Getting more followers is the first and easiest approach to do this. In light of this, we’ve provided tips in this article on how to increase your Instagram following. You might eventually increase your Instagram following by using these suggestions. The vast majority of the advice in this piece is free to use. For individuals who need to expand more quickly, we have also included a few premium techniques. Though, don’t be concerned. There are no suggestions on the list we’ve put together for you that might go against the community rules.


Can I conduct a contest on Instagram?

You can lawfully run two different kinds of contests on Instagram. Sweepstakes is the first of them. Additionally known as promotions. Contests come in second. It also goes by the name of competitions.

Can I hold a lottery on Instagram?

The winner of these contests is chosen at random. To take part in the lottery draw, participants must also pay money. Such lottery drawings need to be authorized by law. Otherwise, holding such a lottery draw anywhere—not just on Instagram—would be against the law.

How to use ads to grow your Instagram following?

You can utilize two different sorts of Instagram advertising to get more followers. Instagram Stories ads are the first of them. IG Feed advertisements are the alternative. By advertising your Instagram account with these adverts, you can increase your following.

How to use SEO to grow your Instagram following?

As you are aware, IG is a search-enabled app. It has a search algorithm, in other words. Because of this, SEO is something you should employ to improve your search engine ranking. In your IG bio, username, and post descriptions, you may employ SEO efficiently.

Where to look for a micro influencer?

You can use one of three quick techniques to identify the ideal micro-influencers for your brand: Through hashtags, you can locate micro-influencers who share content relevant to your topic. Additionally, some of your present followers can be micro-influencers. Additionally, you can work with bloggers whose Instagram followers are similar to your target audience.

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