Nobody can deny the increasing popularity of WordPress websites though lots of businesses do not recognize the advantages they provide. From YouTube videos to social media networking, there are many proven ways to obtain social media exposure for your website. The best part is that you can get it all without paying anything except for the internet connection.


With a large range of social media plugins available for websites, it has become overwhelming for website owners to pick the best plugin. Generally, the main problem with these plugins is the performance. Since they need to load an additional series of scripts and stylesheets, they often cause the website to take more time to load. A social media plugin with many features isn’t of much use if it slows down your site and affects user experience. For that reason, you need to choose the plugin that comes with a balance between performance and features of your website.


There are a number of social media networks and it is your choice to pick the ones that you would like to prominently display on your site. It is always best to add fewer options as this will significantly reduce confusion, offering an enhanced user experience for your visitors.

There are a large number of social media plugins that allow you to display social icons on your website in various ways such as in sidebar, below or before the article, and so forth. This needs you to choose the way how you want to show these icons on the site and find out if that plugin supports your preferred option of displaying the icon.


Some of the best social media plugins for WordPress websites include:

It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add social media plugin to your WordPress website. Shared Counts has limited social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Yummly. The plugin comes with numerous button styles, allowing you to decide where to display the button, for example, before or after the article. It also allows you to enable the button for custom post types. With the plugin you can receive share counts for all social media network mentioned above or just display the total number of share on each network.


Besides being a social sharing tool, AddtoAny also serves as a website plugin. It not only provides a lot of social media networks but also offers a universal sharing menu as well as standard and floating sharing bars for your WordPress site. It allows you to display social share count without signing for an account. Offering Google Analytics integration, AddtoAny comes with a smaller footprint on performance than those provided by other similar tools.


This is another easy plugin to use for your WordPress website. Sassy social share supports many social media platforms and allow you to use tons of options for numerous parts of your site including post content and sticky floating social menu. The plugin also offers social share count feature which can be added to your site by using a third party service.


This popular social media tool allows you to schedule your blog posts on different social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Also, with the WordPress to Buffer plugin, you can automatically add new posts to your account in order for them to be shared on your social media profile.

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