Advertising through social media platforms has become a crucial marketing strategy for every business. Known as social media marketing, this marketing method entails working on advertising campaigns on sites like Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. With such marketing methods, businesses can follow a large path to expand their market besides receiving many other benefits.


The probabilities of obtaining benefits for your business through social networking are huge. Sites like LinkedIn have a large number of users which makes it an ideal place to advertise your products and services. This will help you inform people about who you are and what your business is all about. Also, it allows you to reach a large number of audience, boost your sales opportunities as well as increase your potential market and demographic.


LinkedIn comes with numerous useful tools for businesses to promote their products or services in an efficient manner. Recently, the site has launched LinkedIn ads – a feature to help you boost the number of people attracted to your business. This incredible tool has strategically facilitated many businesses on LinkedIn to receive profitable returns on their efforts.

With an effective advertising campaign, you can introduce more B2B or B2C patrons to your business. There are several formats of LinkedIn advertising including the following


It starts with text-based advertisements that are most basic ads type on the social networking site and come with pay-to-click option presented by LinkedIn. These types of ads usually have a headline and a brief product description, and can be viewed below the search result. Text based ads are perfect for those marketers with limited marketing budget and lack of creativity. Also, this simple format can tailor to those who want to keep their advertising simple and confusion-free.

These are promoted posts found on the news feed of your target audience. With this feature, you can either advertise a pre-prepared post or produce a new one. This advertisement is not displayed on your LinkedIn page and is only seen on your target audience’ pages. Sponsored content is a useful option to reach out to your target audience via their news feed. You can also use it with Lead Gen Form to impeccably get leads with your advertising content.

This advertising format allows you to send personalized promotional content to your target audience using InMail messaging service offered by LinkedIn. Users with LinkedIn premium accounts can also avail the benefits of these ads in a similar manner through their Paid InMail service.


LinkedIn introduced its video ads features last year, providing marketers opportunities to attract customers through visual ads. Video ads come with an auto-play function and are marked ‘promoted’ in order to appear different from regular videos.


LinkedIn allows you to choose your advertising campaign through its campaign manager. Here, you can choose whatever advertisement format you want to use for your brand and set up the primary parameters for your advertising campaign like language and title. After you have specified the basic points about your ad, it’s time to fill in the relevant detail in all sections provided. Make sure you choose impressive content when writing your advertising. Do not make excessive use of jargon. Instead, use the language that is simple, easy-to-understand, and appealing at the same time. Fortunately, you can make 15 different variations of your advertisement with different headlines, images and body. These iterations can be run at the same time in order to identify which one is giving the best results.


Similarly, you can use a range of targeting options to target specific group of people to display your ad to. These tools allow you to define audience by companies, job titles or positions, schools, skills, and groups. Besides these, LinkedIn has some additional targeting options so you can reach a larger audience to promote your brand. For example, its ‘audience expansion’ tool allows you to show your advertisement to users with similar attributes to your main audience. Also, there is LinkedIn Audience Network tool that lets you exchange your ads through a third party publisher to some of the top publishers’ websites.


You can boost your LinkedIn ads by engaging your target audience in whatever you are posting on your page. Effective interaction with your audience not only helps you attract lots of positive comments but also lets you ensure that LinkedIn will favor your advertisements by exhibiting them more prominently. In addition, it is crucial to regularly test your LinkedIn ads in order to track performance and tweak it when needed. For instance, you can test different variations of the same photo to find out which works best with your audience.  Similarly, it is possible to refine your ad copy by looking into which synonyms of your ad are better taken by your audience. Testing statistics, character count and text overlays can also be done to better assess your LinkedIn performance.


When you use LinkedIn to get an increased number of people seeing your advertisement, it also comes handy in driving good traffic to your website. The site provides you the opportunity to advertise your products or services though several means including photos and videos. Presently, many companies tend to use visual ads to attract new clients and encourage them to buy from them. Similarly, you can upload quality videos explaining your business nature and the products or services you are offering.


Another benefit of using LinkedIn to advertise your business is that you can select a detailed location for your placing your ads. You are free to control who can and who cannot see your marketing content. Moreover, you can choose a specific group of users to show your videos. For instance, soccer related videos can be displayed to the people who like to play the game, based on the personal information of those users given on the page.