Since Linkedin also became a part of the business social media marketing arena, numerous businesses have been left wondering how to get more followers on LinkedIn business page and it’s no wonder why. On other social networks such as Facebook, people have to go through their kid’s friends, your neighbor’s family gathering and your Uncle’s anniversary photographs. However, as far as LinkedIn is concerned, people join this social network for one thing and one thing alone business. With all referral sources focused in one place and pool of potential clients narrowed, it is essential for businesses to increase their followers in order to get access to more customers.

Here are some tips that can be used for boosting the number of followers on a LinkedIn business page:


There is a very easy way offered by Linkedin that can be used for adding a widget of the business profile on the email signature, blog and website. By adding this widget, a business will be able to direct their existing clients and contacts conveniently to its LinkedIn page and prompt them to follow for staying updated about the activities of the business.

The business page can be made more relevant with some simple steps. A useful description should be added to company overview and the most relevant and important information should be mentioned on top. A business should also opt for the ‘show news; option as it ensures that any interesting press releases and articles concerning the company are posted automatically on the page where it can be seen by people. Moreover, a business should also ensure that the page has the blog RSS added to it as this will auto-populate the content of the blog. As more and more targeted content is posted on the business page, it will draw it more followers by increasing engagement.


The LinkedIn business page can be the most exciting page in the history of exciting pages, but if no interesting and engaging content is posted for the target audience, then there will not be a lot of followers. Just like FacebookTwitter and Instagram is used, a business should also converse with followers and post relevant content. However, don’t post excessively because there is nothing that customers hate more than spam.


LinkedIn groups are also another avenue that should be explored for learning how to get more followers on LinkedIn business page. They are an excellent platform for getting in touch with professionals within the industry or who have similar interests. Content can be shared, jobs can be posted, questions can be asked, contacts can be made and reputations can be established. The groups are a great way of narrowing down the hundreds of thousands of people in order to focus on existing and potential customers.

With the aforementioned steps, the LinkedIn business page will get greater exposure and see a rise in the number of followers gradually.

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