LinkedIn is a very effective source for business owners to accelerate traffic and leads. In fact, it can serve as a more logical spot to concentrate on your marketing efforts than other social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook.


With 400 million users, LinkedIn is mostly used by businesses as an important component of their working life. In this scenario, businesses on the site should be deliberate to plan for success. There are many businesses that do not have a plan to use the social networking platforms but still want to get economic results from their profiles. This is because they do not know how they can use LinkedIn to generate their business leads.


Generating leads must be important if you are serious about your business’s success. In order to do this rightly, you need to make a useful lead generation strategy. Here we have compiled a list of best LinkedIn practices that can help you grow your business and increase the revenue growth.

If your main purpose of using LinkedIn is generating new leads for your brand, it is highly important to make your profile in view of that. Your profile should clearly depict everything about your business. For this, you need to spend time on it and determine the ways to present the best possible image of your brand. It is also important to know your target audience and useful LinkedIn techniques to attract them. All these considerations together will help you build your strong association on LinkedIn and establish your credibility. Moreover, it will also lead to new business opportunities and fresh partnership as well as help direct traffic to your profile.


You may have determined your monthly LinkedIn lead generation goals before you created a profile for your company. However, it is not enough as you need to refresh your monthly goals for the site to boost your leads. Recall your last month’s goal and analyze how you acquired them. Accordingly, revive your goals, set new strategies and metrics for every month


Many companies claim to have fresh email lists but often 30 percent of the IDs you are buying will be out-of-date. For that reason, you need to negotiate with the email list selling company about it to make sure you are buying fresh names. Also, consider getting a partial refund in case you notice a higher percentage of out-of-date IDs.


In present time, artificial intelligence should be used as an important feature for marketing. LinkedIn has been using this feature to show the highest quality leads in user search results. The best part is that it has been merged so well into a product experience that LinkedIn users hardly notice the technology behind it. Additionally, there can be many creative ways to use video marketing for attracting leads.


Your LinkedIn connections are important asset for your business. There are many examples of LinkedIn having closed many profiles without any prior notice and so it is best to protect your business asset. Although it is unlikely, disasters are equally unlikely yet businesses purchase insurance policies. Take it seriously and download your contact lists.


Leads generations is more about being genuine in your interactions with your users and provide them better values to turn into real customers.

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