As an app developer, you may believe that the difficult part is making the app. However, promotion is the most complex and time-consuming part of acquiring app store downloads.

This article offers 50 tested strategies for how get app downloads from your marketing campaigns:

how to get app downloads

Establish solid foundations

Let’s start by stating that planning must be done before engaging in any mobile app marketing. You’ll save time and money if the foundations are correct.

Be advised that passing the foundational checkpoints may necessitate adjusting or even rebuilding your software, as the number of app downloads will be impacted if the app does not add value.

app downloads

competitor research

There will be fierce competition in app stores because so many apps are vying for users’ attention.

Your goal is to know your competition’s identity, tactics, and user acquisition strategy.

Please list your top five rival apps, their costs, revenue streams, ratings, advantages and disadvantages, and user evaluations.

Please note their errors or areas where they may improve, then make changes to your program to strengthen it. Then consider what distinguishes your app’s identity from those of your rivals.

Make it obvious what your software accomplishes

Many app developers make the mistake of assuming that potential users are familiar with the jargon prevalent in their sector.

Use language that your audience understands, not your own.

Tip! Search for your niche on Amazon and pay close attention to the product reviews surrounding it. You will see the language your audience uses to express their needs and values in this way.

Recognize your specific value proposition

Concentrate on what makes your app different because it is one of many competing to generate app downloads on the market.

If you need clarification on what this information is, competitor research can help.

With this insight, highlight the distinctive value of your app in all marketing communications.

Construct an app persona

It would help if you created an app persona based on your target demographic to increase app downloads.

This is significant because, for example, a millennial-only app requires a very different strategy than one that targets the 30–50-year-old market.

Optimizing for the app store

To increase downloads, start optimizing the page where your app is hosted because, according to Apple, 65% of apps are discovered by consumers through a direct search on the Apple App Store.

In actuality, App Store Optimization (ASO) has a more significant impact on Google search results than Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

ASO helps your app rank higher in the marketplace where all your rivals are. The more new and existing users looking for the answers your app offers will find, the higher up the app store rankings your page appears.

This comprehensive guide to app store optimization is provided.

app store optimazation

Pick your app’s category carefully

Your app must be placed in the appropriate category, but if it can, consider moving it to a less crowded one to improve your ranking. Just make sure the class is still applicable to your app.

Make a beautiful app icon

Users spend seven seconds on the app store listing page on average. Thus, it stands to reason that the app icon, which users see initially, is a crucial success component.

Make sure your app’s color scheme is appealing and appropriate.

Pay attention to the top of the page

App Impression Frame Google Play vs. the App Store

People only stay on an app store page for seven seconds on average, so they want to see what your app can do for them in that brief time.

If it is not clear to them right away how your app can help them after they land on it, they are likely to click away. Your app’s description will be helpful to in this situation.

The most crucial area of your page is the very top. Make it matter.

The storeman has tools available to assist.

Use a catchy app name

Because it is the first thing a user sees with the app symbol, your app title is the most crucial component of app store SEO. Your program is less likely to be downloaded if it doesn’t immediately capture attention.

You can entice consumers to click on the app’s title to learn more. Include a well-researched keyword for the best results; this is crucial if you want your app to appear in app store search results.

Tip! Make sure to correctly research keywords and come up with long- and short-tail ideas.

Offer a multilingual version of your software

According to Statista, there were around 237.72 million mobile phone users in the US in 2017. In contrast, there were 4.93 billion mobile phone users overall.

Make your app available to more users if you want to increase app downloads.

It goes without saying that you’ll increase your sales by localizing your app and making it available in additional languages because more people will access your software.

Small business owners may easily combine various languages to increase their customer base thanks to app developer AppInstitute.

Invest on highly-detailed, expert screenshots

App screenshots are essential since they let users know what to anticipate from the app. Users of your app will nearly always glance at the screenshots once you’ve captured their interest to determine whether or not the app makes sense to them and how it can benefit them.

Include two to three screenshots showing the app’s best features in action.

Pay attention to app price

In a market where downloading mobile apps is often free, charging for yours is unlikely to result in more downloads than your rivals.

Your objective while launching the app should be to garner as many app installs and favorable reviews as possible.

This allows you to look at app metrics and make changes depending on user feedback and statistics.

It makes it reasonable to increase downloads first, and only then should a business model be considered. Provide your app’s core for free; if customers find it beneficial, they can upgrade to the premium version.

When consumers realize the program’s usefulness, add paid features to make money.

Having said that, some apps might need to be fixed with the free version. For instance, those who are miles ahead of rivals or have a compelling value proposition.

Charge more to run an app promotion at a discount without feeling the pain.

Get more information on app pricing models and techniques.

Offer a “try before you purchase” option to entice customers if you want to charge for your software. This approach will result in more app downloads than upfront charging.

Additionally, it allows users to determine whether your software is what they are looking for.

Continue developing functionality based on audience demands to boost usage and loyalty.

social media marketing

social media marketing

build a social media following

Increase your online exposure by treating your app like a company.

Naturally, pick which social media platforms to employ because it’s unlikely that all your target audience’s users will be there.

Create meaningful and pertinent posts, never just marketing but constantly adding value.

Remember to maintain consistency in your brand tone across all social media platforms.

The social media networks that receive the most attention for apps are:







Participate and answer. Get assistance developing a social media following to increase app downloads.

Make a YouTube channel for the consumers of your app

Create a YouTube channel and optimize the names and descriptions of the videos with keywords relating to your app’s category if you intend to use videos in your marketing campaigns. In the report, include links to attract more app downloads.

Offer assistance and solutions to problems relating to your app rather than just producing films about it.

Hold a contest

Social media contests are a fantastic method to grow your following and advertise your software.

When executed correctly, they can significantly enhance the number of downloads.

Some concepts include “Pin to Win” or “Tweet to Win” or offering promo codes to free up access to specific premium features in apps. Contests must always provide something of value.

You are given advice by Instant Encore on how to organize a competition to increase app downloads.

Create a page on Facebook

Consider launching social network pages depending on your app’s category and what it offers.

Several factors make a Facebook page beneficial:

Sharing relevant materials and knowledge to increase app downloads

Increasing your understanding of your target market.

Building credibility by running your own page around the program’s primary purpose.

Engage social media influencers in partnership

Influencer marketing has grown in acceptance. In case you’re unaware, influencers are people who have a sizable following on social media.

It’s simpler to say than to do with this marketing strategy. However, if you master the approach, it will pay off greatly and increase app downloads that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve on your own.

Finding a collaboration opportunity with someone who has already established a reputation and trust with a following on social media is crucial.

Reviews and ratings

This is because reviews are an honest examination of a good or service by those who can be most trusted. After all, they have nothing to gain.

Additionally, ratings significantly impact where your app appears in search results.

The goal is to gather as many ratings and reviews as possible and to achieve this, you must proactively request them.

Give a pop-up after the consumer has engaged with your app a few times favorably without being intrusive.

Your software will receive more downloads if it has a wide range of favorable reviews.

Even if getting great reviews is crucial, it’s also essential to address any bad ones.

Make use of these negative comments to learn how to make your app better.

Become skilled at responding to negative evaluations.

Request app blogger reviews

How can you entice a mobile app reviewer to write about your app?

Check their blog to see if your app fits the description of the types of apps they typically evaluate before confirming that they still need to review it.

Then, look for contact information on their website after ensuring they don’t have a connection to a rival.

When you approach them, make it simple for them to say yes. Find ways to reward them for reviewing your software by providing a free premium version.

Make your website the focal point

Create a website

You’ll need a website to serve as your company’s “central hub” if you’re serious about turning your mobile app into a business.

When you regularly update your website with new content, search engines will also direct visitors there. Pay attention to point #32 of this article for more information.

If your website is maintained correctly, it will draw visitors you may use for marketing.

A call to action that directs the reader to your app download page should be included on every website page if you want to increase the number of app downloads.

This is especially beneficial when you regularly submit blog entries on subjects related to the answers your software provides.

Establish a landing page

A landing page and a website are distinct. A landing page is a targeted page with a single goal in mind, whereas a website serves informational purposes.

For instance, in the case of the example above, the goal is to persuade the user to click on the download buttons.

Make sure the landing page is optimized for mobile since mobile websites are the primary source of app installs.

Typically, a landing page receives traffic from adverts, pre-launches, or email marketing campaigns.

Use your website to attract more visitors

To increase the number of mobile app downloads, use search engine traffic to drive traffic to your website. The only catch is that you must consistently supply high-quality content to your website for search engine algorithms to recognize and value it sufficiently to show it in search results.

Create content pillars for your content strategy; these themes must represent your leading solutions. Ensure that the content is well-written and beneficial to the target audience.

Upload material at least three times each month, but if you are in a highly competitive niche, you may need to increase that frequency. Research your competitors before creating your content plan to see what they are doing.

Although it could take up to three months to start seeing results, this is the most effective technique to drive traffic to your website without spending money on advertising.

marketing via email

Create an email campaign

Engagement Chart for Social Media vs. Email

One of the most effective strategies to advertise your app and increase app downloads over time is email marketing.

The illustration shows that email marketing is still more successful than social media marketing.

Email marketing does, however, take skill since, like any successful web marketing, emails typically need to give value and not just promote apps.

Consequently, depending on your target audience and their demands, your email campaign may need to concentrate on topics like exercise suggestions, a diet with exercise, how to start running, and so forth if your app tracks daily activity.

As an alternative, you may attempt cold emailing. If your app falls into one of those areas, you can increase app downloads by using tools like Leadfuze to gather email addresses.

The approach is key to making this marketing strategy successful, and your attention must be on subject headers and email copy.

Learn more about effective cold email formula.

Invest in advertising

It is quicker to spend money on this kind of advertising than to wait for organic traffic (traffic to your website that comes from SEO).

Neil Patel offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to create powerful Google Ads to increase app downloads.

Spread the word about your app

Adding your app to directories can increase app downloads, brand recognition, SEO-friendly links, and feedback possibilities.

The best part is that it doesn’t require much time or effort.

Here are 100 websites provided by AppSamurai to get you started.

Increase credibility

Launch a webinar

The Covid-19 epidemic has altered how we communicate with others on a global scale. There is no better way to reach a sizable audience, establish a reputation, and advertise your software than with a webinar.

Webinars are one of the most successful marketing strategies and offer incredible rewards when done well.

Use these best webinar practices, as you should with most of these marketing strategies, and make sure you have a marketing strategy. To get started, look at Growth Marketing Pro’s list of the best webinar software choices.

assemble a comprehensive press kit

When promoting a new app, one may argue that the most successful marketing strategies are also the ones that get the most disregard.

To obtain backlinks, PR campaigns and contacting media, tech bloggers, influencers, etc., are on that list.

Ask influential YouTubers, podcasters, local or foreign media outlets, and magazines to review your app and provide honest criticism based on your target demographic.

Increase adherence

Connect with your existing app users

Send an email to your power users to solicit suggestions for enhancements. To keep people using your app, you may also develop some sort of loyalty program.

Utilize push alerts and send them news or relevant information based on their needs.

Quickly resolve app problems

Analytics enables you to keep track of any technical issues with your app so that you can address them as soon as you become aware of them.

You should also provide a few users rewards for alerting you to issues so that you can fix them immediately. This will keep them using your app and make sure they promote it positively, which is the best way to market any company.

Utilize an easier platform for building apps

Finally, and this one should have been the very first in this essay…

Utilize the best app builder that offers all the required features to simplify your life.

The small business owner is the target audience for AppInstitute, which gives everything you need to increase app downloads. It also comes with a 30-day app success plan to help you acquire your first 1000 app downloads.

Trying to increase the number of downloads for your software can take time and effort.

But now that you’ve read this article, you should know more about increasing app downloads and appearing higher in app store searches.