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For many app marketers and developers, purchasing app downloads has become a prevalent task.

Most customers view app downloads as a shortcut to corporate success, and they think that apps with more downloads would entice and draw users. Fortunately, the notion has some basis in reality.

You can get more people to download your app when you buy app installs IOS! This is so because most users rank and rate applications according to how many downloads they have received. An app is considered adequate and valuable if it has received 10,000+ downloads or more.

As a result, purchasing app downloads IOS is seen as a way to advertise your company. Similar to traditional shares, likes, and comments, you may buy app downloads from our service to raise your app’s profile.

Because we are familiar with how app creation works in the online market, Ibuyfans is the industry leader in in-app marketing.

We can also assist you in creating a successful company plan. Finding strategies to use app downloads to increase an application’s fame and reputation takes several hours of work each day.

You can join the winning league when you collaborate with us. To avoid using conventional marketing techniques, you should purchase app installs. You can easily save several thousand dollars using even the priciest programs in the town.

This makes the business venture easy and exciting. Additionally, knowledgeable service providers like us can give you advice on surpassing competitors. This will make the virtual voyage of your software easy and profitable! Therefore, you should buy app downloads the next time you want to see quick performance from your app.

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How to Buy Installs for Apps

So how would one go about buying app installs IOS? Do you need help understanding how the process works? If so, the following is a summary of the purchasing process for app downloads on our website:

You must first understand that we are a dependable service provider. In the field of apps, we have a long history.

Be very explicit about the downloads you purchase if you acquire them to advertise your apps. Downloads can be categorized according to the genre and function of the program. Make sure to take advantage of downloads intended for your applications.

It would be best if you now chose your target audiences. Do you want to travel abroad? Are you better off focusing on regional audiences, such as those that exclusively download, review, and install software from the United States? Most coders start out modestly! Before going global, they prefer to concentrate on a local audience like the USA.

The creator will be able to determine the true scope of their invention in this way. Finally, you can buy one of our packages after deciding the quantity and location of the software downloads. You only need the exact link to your application on the Google Play Store to purchase. We will start working on your purchase right away after successful payment. It will take a few days for the results of these downloads to become visible.

Upgrading your Ranking

You must entice consumers with rich promises as a promoter! When they enjoy your work and return, give them coupons, free trials, and discounts.

Finally, you ought to create apps in a variety of languages. Always keep in mind that your application will be accessible to users from around the world. Therefore, it would be beneficial to offer the software in other languages.

Avoid clinging to established languages like English or French. Instead, extend your perspective and aim for global markets.

For many app marketers and developers, purchasing app installations has become a prevalent task. The majority of customers view app downloads as a shortcut to corporate success.

They think that apps with more downloads would entice and draw users. Fortunately, the hypothesis is true.

You may enhance traffic to your app by buying app installs IOS! This is so because most users rank and rate applications according to how many downloads they have received. An app is considered adequate and valuable if it has received 10,000+ downloads or more. As a result, purchasing app downloads is seen as a way to advertise your company. Similar to traditional shares, likes, and comments, you may buy app downloads from our service to raise your app’s profile.

Our service proves to be a sensible decision because we deal with active developers involved in app development!

Because we know how app creation works in the online market, Buy App Downloads is the industry leader in in-app marketing. We can also assist you in creating a successful company plan. Many hours are spent each day trying to figure out how to exploit app downloads to increase a particular application’s fame and reputation. As a result, when you cooperate with us, you can join the league of winners.

Why should you purchase iOS app installs?

Getting your app found is one of the major problems facing mobile app developers today, with the iOS Appstore housing more than 2.2 million apps. It’s crucial to comprehend the many strategies for promoting your mobile app if you’re in the industry. We want to share with you a crucial process for increasing app downloads that is still mostly ignored by developers: purchasing iOS app installs. Installs of iOS apps have proven to be a helpful marketing and promotion tool for mobile applications. The Appstore will rank apps based on how frequently they have been downloaded and how frequently they have been downloaded recently. Appstore search algorithms ensure that apps with low iOS downloads never appear in the top rankings. It is crucial for developers, especially those who plan to submit their first software to the app store. On iOS, developers can purchase installations to boost their app’s popularity. Furthermore, your sales will undoubtedly improve as the number of app users rises.

Boost your ranking

The App Store algorithm will consider your greater download volume and give you a higher ranking in search results.

Increased iOS installs will guarantee that people looking for comparable apps are recommended to try your software.


Installing your software by users will encourage other people to do the same. By doing this, you can encourage real individuals to test your product.

Get feedback; after users use the software, you’ll know how to improve it.

No squandering of time or resources

Whenever you purchase iOS installs, you can anticipate guaranteed outcomes. Compared to other marketing strategies, it is more affordable and a better and more viable choice.

You can also test out our Android app marketing service and purchase Android installations by clicking on this link.

Why Is It So Important to Install iOS Apps?

Increase the number of installs if you just released a mobile app and want to get some attention for it in the App Store, according to experts.

Because you have to put a lot of effort into creating an app marketing plan, which is a complex task, your work will be made more accessible if you decide to buy iOS installs. You may witness the miracle of downloads increasing your popularity and credibility rather than scrutinizing every action.

When should you use iOS downloads?

  • To achieve a high position on the platform, promote a new iOS app
  • Improve the standing of software with lots of potentials
  • Make it clear that you intend to compete in the market
  • Boost understanding and respect among iOS users
  • Encourage new people to test out your software

Who Should Purchase iOS App Installs?

When we suggest that anyone can gain from these services, we are not exaggerating. The level of popularity of your apps will rise if you purchase iOS installs.

Our research shows that these consumers frequently choose to download iOS apps:

New software developers, thank you for your effort and money spent creating that program. It is crucial to accelerate sales since you want to get the reward as soon as possible. Installs for iOS become necessary in this situation.

Marketing firms

A developer places their tool’s faith in your hands. You decide to purchase iOS app installs because you are sure it will be successful, and you are entirely right.

We can assist authors who wish to resurrect their work if it is available on the Apple App Store but has untapped potential. The software will be revived, and you’ll ensure more people use it.

What Makes Ibuyfans the Best Option?

There are numerous online marketplaces where you may purchase iOS installs. It is only logical to wonder what makes Ibuyfans different from the competition.

We take great pride in our extensive client list over the years. Here are some reasons why we excel at app promotion:

High-quality packages are available for everyone. Whether you need a little boost or a large package with several installations, we have the right offer.

Ibuyfans - buy app installs IOS

Only legitimate accounts

Our service is dependable and secure because we only collect legitimate users who will download your product. People from all across the world are part of the network to ensure maximum trust.

Everything is kept private; our clients may rely on the complete discretion. Nobody will ever know you ordered app installs IOS because we keep your data in a secure location.

It only takes 30 seconds to complete a purchase, thanks to the straightforward ordering method. Within hours of the transaction being completed, we will begin providing your files.

For 30 days, we guarantee the quality of our services. Due to the implementation of the most recent security measures necessary, everything is risk-free.

Are you prepared to increase the popularity of your app? To maximize the potential and profit of your program, don’t wait to select the desired bundle and buy iOS installations today!

How to get organice app installs IOS

Improve Play Store Search

Only instruct your loved ones to download your app through a direct link. Tell them to use a legitimate term to find your app and install it instead.

Engine for Trains

We advised our users to search for “programming” and browse the first 8–10 pages. They will see an app called Programming Hero in the 50–60th place, and they must set up that application.

We carried out this activity with roughly 300 persons in the initial weeks. Google Search Engine has begun to take notice of our app. Strategically, we used the word “programming” seven times in both the app description and the name.

Rank better

We noticed a substantial advancement, and we began to ascend. After six weeks, Programming Hero was in third place for the term “programming.” Now, only for this keyword, we receive more than 100 organic downloads every day.

Examine the app description of a competitor to find keywords

I have yet to gain experience with SEO (search engine optimization). I cannot come up with the ideal target keyword because of this.

I, therefore, employed a hack:). I used Google to discover a word frequency calculator online. Put the app description of a rival and choose the phrases that appeared most frequently. Naturally, I disregarded the higher percentage of non-keywords such as “and,” “to,” “the,” etc.

I estimated the search volume using free ASO tools like Sensor Tower, ASO Desk, App Annie, etc. Lastly, we added coding to the app description and name.

We currently hold the fifth spot in the keyword code search results.

Take the marketing message out of the customer review

I am not a marketer, nor am I a natural English speaker. I need to improve at creating text for app screenshots or marketing messages.

I looked up user reviews of our software on the Google Play store to help me with this. We developed the tagline “Fun and engaging approach to learning and perfect coding intro for absolute beginners” with the help of those user comments.

Look Up Your App on Someone Else’s Phone

I’m an introverted developer. Thus, I don’t have many friends.

I made myself talk to strangers because of this. Waiting for lines at Walmart, Target, Ross, Macy’s, Starbucks, and airports. Whenever I observe someone using a phone, can I ask you a question first?

90% of them respond in the affirmative. I then inform them that I am creating an app and want to see if it comes up when people search for the app on the Google Play Store. Nearly 70% of them looked up coding or programming.

I now have the opportunity to discuss the app. What’s this? A third to half of them downloaded the app.

I went a step further. I discussed this program with individuals at a python meetup, a university, a public coin laundry, and a petrol station.

Seek assistance

I cannot believe it. Downloads rise when you request assistance.

A few beta testing locations exist. You can only use beta testing sites for Google Apps and post the URL to your app there. You will receive a ton of insightful early feedback.

When you ask for assistance in Facebook groups, the same thing applies. Just locate a pertinent group and request input. Similarly, you can request app reviews from YouTubers, and you’ll always wonder if someone will accept.

Use the Growth Hack

We have a “Refer 3 friends” feature in our app. You will receive three days of access to our premium content if you recommend this app to three friends.

Have a 30-second pitch ready at all times

You have only 30 seconds to make an impression with your software. Our pitch is as follows:

Teenagers enjoy sports, dating, social networking, and superhero films. These are being used to teach students programming. Fun is had. They adore it. Our app is dubbed Programming Hero. (while grinning)

I’ve used this same sales presentation a thousand times.

Bonus Advice

Along with app growth hacks, there are a few other things you need to perform that are worth keeping as a checklist.

Don’t compel anyone to register or join up. You can only use their email address if they like your software. They’ll unsubscribe you after receiving your first marketing email. We do not require users to register or sign up for our app.

Consult your customers. Recognize what people desire. Make sure you respond to each review. Never overlook any 1- or 2-star reviews. To prevent further 1-star reviews, make the justification better (if you can).


Is using your service legal?

We offer authentic downloads from actual customers, so purchasing iOS installs is entirely legal. To make everything seem more credible, members of our network come from many nations and keep the software installed on their machines for months.

Does your iOS installation service offer a risk-free trial period?

There isn’t a free trial, sorry. However, you’ll discover that we have affordable costs, allowing you to test our service for a minimal fee. Additionally, we promise complete client happiness; read our evaluations to see what our happy customers have to say!

How soon can we expect the iOS installs?

You have control over how quickly the desired number of downloads will occur. To make things seem more credible, we do organic delivery.

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