How to Get Twitter Verified in 2023

It used to be essential for your credibility on Twitter to get verified. Verification tells Twitter that you are who you say you are and not (possibly) a fake. The verification programme was only open for a short time, though. Twitter started verifying in 2009 but stopped in 2017 because it wanted to focus on other things.

But as times change, so do the most important things. Because of this, Twitter has just started letting people ask to be verified again after a few years’ break. We don’t know why this decision was made, but the need for authenticity has never been more apparent. There are trolls and fake news everywhere.

No matter why Twitter is bringing back the verification process, they have their FAQ. This post will have official and unofficial tips on getting verified on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as examples of how other people have done it.

Who Can be Verified on Twitter?

Who Can be Verified on Twitter

I think anyone would be able to get Twitter verification. Twitter says that they have hired some people to deal with applications but need more time to do so. Because of this, Twitter says that people who want to be verified must be “notable, real, and active.” This means that chosen applicants are essential to the community and send out Tweets often.

Twitter will only verify people in some industries, though. This restriction lets them focus their resources on people who have a significant role in public policy or a high status in the community as a whole. These groups need to know how to verify their Twitter accounts. There are six types of essential accounts that are currently being checked.


There are national, regional, and local government actors. This means that the governor or head of state can be verified, and your mayor. Government accounts could also be run by people who work for a specific agency, like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or the Department of Defense (DOD).

Businesses, brands, and non-profit groups

Businesses, brands, and non-profit groups

None of these people is private; instead, they are businesses that want to keep up their image. For brands that are part of a larger company, it’s essential to protect both the voice of the brand and the voice of the company above it. In the same way, non-profits need to ensure that people who are not authorized to speak for them don’t do so. Because of this, Twitter’s Verification of business accounts is a crucial way to keep everyone safe.

Organizations that put out news and reporters

Sometimes, reporting the news is like living in the Wild West. People from all walks of life want to talk about what’s happening in the world, and it’s tempting to act like you’re someone else. Even worse, some people might pretend to be journalists to hurt their reputations. Public relations and managing your reputation are real issues on social media, so Verification is a handy tool. These people need to learn how to get verified on Twitter if they don’t know how.


These are well-known people and other famous people. For example, Harrison Ford and Paris Hilton would both fit into this group. But I also see names from the C-list on this list, and they probably belong in this group if they are well-known enough in the entertainment world to have fakes.

Sports and computer games

Sports and computer games

It’s important to note that Twitter includes e-sports in this list. Specifically, esports are competitions that are set up around video games. Sometimes it’s played as a team, and sometimes it’s just one person against another. So, esports is a subculture, and it’s cool that Twitter includes them in the list of things that can be verified. It should be clear that traditional sports need to be checked.

Activism, organizing, and other important people

I’ll call this group of people “movers and shakers at the local level.” Your organizers and activists are often very controversial, so trolls are drawn to them. I’m curious to see if your “macro” and “mega” influencers are included in your “influential influencers.” This can help us marketers a lot.

How to Get Twitter to Verify Your Account

Verification may become necessary for these six types of accounts, so knowing how to get verified on Twitter is essential. The platform has clarified that they will add more people over time, so it’s good to be ready when it’s your “turn.” Simply put, you can ask Twitter to verify your account by going to your Account Settings on or the Twitter app.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the “More” button on the menu bar.
  2. Go to Settings and then click on Privacy.
  3. Go to Account info and make sure your password is correct.
  4. Click where it says “Verified.” Verification Request
  5. All done! Twitter will answer you back.

How to Get Twitter to Verify Your Account

Right now, you can only get approved if your account fits into one of the qualifying categories. They will likely stop working on your request once they decide you don’t qualify. This means figuring out if you qualify part of knowing how to get verified on Twitter. If you do, applying will do you good. It needs to be clarified if they just throw away your application or keep it until you’re eligible.

How to make it more likely that Twitter will verify you

Getting verified on Twitter is learning what it takes to get approved. Your application is only a tiny part of the whole picture. Here, Twitter gives a lot of advice, but again, based on what I’ve learned, here’s a summary of what I’d say.

How It Works

First, you need a complete Twitter profile with a name and a picture. This goes with the name and face of a person or a brand’s logo. Depending on your account type, you may need to be an authorized person to apply. By making this a requirement, Twitter is protecting both their reputation and the reputation of people who have verified accounts.

Next, you must have a verified phone number or email address. If Twitter has questions or needs more information, you can use one of these ways to get in touch. Email addresses and phone numbers are often tied to specific people or businesses, which makes them another security measure.

Lastly, you must follow Twitter’s rules and not be locked out for breaking them in the past year. In other words, the blue and white check can only be given to people and businesses that act well on the platform. By adding this rule, Twitter is making it a privilege, not a right, to be Verified.

Needing to be significant enough to be Verified

Try to get the media to talk about you. If you are “famous,” a Google search about you should bring up information about people who are talking about you. Twitter shows a rule that says, “You must have had at least three featured references in the six months before you applied.” Twitter also says that it can be found on Google Trends “with evidence of recent search activity,” which will be easier if it is discussed in the media.

A Wikipedia page for your organization (if you are applying as an organization) or yourself is another way to get mentioned in the news. You can put up the page yourself if you write well and pay someone to write it for you. But remember that the article could be better if it only shows what the subject thinks of themselves.

Follow more people on Twitter. One of the requirements for brands and organizations was to have a number of followers “at the top. 5% of active accounts in the same part of the world.” This is a lot of followers, meaning that brands in more significant areas need a lot of followers. It also means that you might only qualify if you have a business account.

Use Twitter every day for six months before you apply. Before Twitter verifies you, you have to use it for six months. One reason is that they want to keep old and new accounts from getting Verified on purpose. If not, the Verification badge wouldn’t mean anything.

If you are a leader in your company or group, make sure it is clear on your Twitter profile and your website. If possible, include a link to your Twitter profile. As a leader in your field or someone with a lot of influence, it helps to know how to get verified on Twitter. In many ways, corporate executives are a link between the business world and the public. This is especially true from a Twitter point of view because executives do so much to control how the company is seen.

If you are a journalist or writer, you must have at least “3 bylines or credits in qualifying publications published within the last six months before applying.” It seems easy to get a credit every other month or so. And it is if you have been known for a long time. However, it’s hard for newcomers to get even one. So, people who meet these requirements for Verification are well known.

FAQs about Twitter Verification

Now that we’ve talked about how to get verified on Twitter, I’d like to answer a few common questions. You’ll want to know what to expect, which is why this is important. Also, the process will be more straightforward if you are ready when you send in your application. People and brands have different standards, and some answers depend on how much Verification is asked for.

Do you have to give an ID, as Instagram asks?

No, is the short answer. If you need to prove your identity, you can use a government-issued ID or an official website that links directly to your Twitter account. You can also use an official email address with a domain that matches your chosen category.

This makes the process of Verification easier for business and brand accounts. After all, if an ID is needed to access these accounts, it will have to be the ID of a person who is allowed to do so. So, Twitter will have to figure out if someone is allowed to do something which can be hard to understand.

How long will it be before Twitter answers me?

Twitter says a few weeks because a real person looks at every request, and they also say that they might stop letting people apply if the waiting list is shorter. Because of this second point, it’s crucial that you only use it if you think you’ll qualify. But, even with that in mind, it’s important to keep the value of Twitter Verification.

How will I know if my account was checked or not?

They’ll let you know both in the app (via a notification), and at the email address you gave them. This way, you’ll have a record of how they answered. They will tell you what’s wrong if you get a rejection letter. Over time, we’ll have a lot of information to help verify people.

What will happen if I get turned down?

Like Instagram, you can apply 30 days after getting a notice that you were turned down. Even though I recommend flooding Twitter with requests, this does not mean you can make your case again. It also means that if you are an influencer but still need more followers, you can try again as your following grows. Try some of my ideas for your Twitter bio to get more people to follow you.

Can a verified badge be taken off of an account by itself?

Yes, if you change your username, your profile becomes inactive or incomplete, you no longer hold the position you were verified, or you break one of Twitter’s rules. This means that you should only apply when you’re satisfied with your username. It also shows that the Verified seal is only for well-known people.

It’s essential to know how to get your Twitter account verified. Even if it hasn’t been your “turn” to get Verified yet, Twitter plans to make the programme bigger. And if you qualify, take a moment and fill out an application. In the social media world of today, it will be beneficial.

How To Get Verified On Twitter FAQs

Can a regular person get their Twitter account verified?

Yes, it could be. Anyone can ask Twitter to verify their account by filling out a form, but this doesn't mean everyone will be approved. Before, they only checked public figures, news anchors, politicians, athletes, people in business, and other high-profile people. But now, anyone can send in a request and get their account verified as long as it is for the public good, well-known, real, and in use.

How many followers do you have to have on Twitter to get verified?

Twitter doesn't say you need a certain number of followers to become verified. They are more interested in other things, like having an active, real, and well-known account. For brands and organizations, a follower count requirement says, "in the top.05% of active accounts in the same geographic region." The number of people who follow them should be near the top. 5% of accounts that are still active are in the same area.

How much does it cost to have your Twitter account checked?

It doesn't cost anything to get verified on Twitter. You need to contact Twitter and meet their requirements, and they will take care of your request to be confirmed. Twitter has never sold verification badges and never will. If someone or service tells you they can get you a blue badge in exchange for money, don't fall for it.

How do I get a blue checkmark on Twitter?

Here's how to apply for and get a blue tick on Twitter:

1. Make sure everything is filled out on your Twitter profile. Fill out your bio, picture, cover photo, website, etc.
2. Type in and confirm your phone number and email address.
3. Add your birthday.
4. Make sure anyone can see your profile and tweets.
5. Go to the form to verify your Twitter account.

Why would you want to be verified on Twitter?

Getting credibility is the main benefit of being verified on Twitter. When you have a blue check next to your name on Twitter, your account is confirmed, well-known, authentic, and of interest to the public. It can also be helpful because it shows that you aren't giving your followers false information, spamming them, or trying to trick them.

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