How to Save a Twitter GIF

If you want to know how to save a gif from Twitter, you’re reading the right post. It can be challenging for Twitter users to say what they want to say in just 140 characters. Because of this, people use GIFs in their tweets. The use of Twitter is made more accessible with these fun GIFs. Because of these things, GIFs are mainly used on Twitter. But if you use the GIF on Twitter, you might face some problems.

If you still need to learn how to save Twitter GIFs, this article will teach you. And you’ll find out how simple it is to use.

You can save a GIF from Twitter

There are many ways to export GIFs from Twitter on an iPhone, Android phone, or Windows computer. You can do this with some free services and apps that you can find online. Since the study’s logic is the same, we won’t say what the app is called in this article. Just listen to what you need to do:

  • Click on “Copy link to Tweet”, and then in the address bar, copy the URL link to the GIF file you want to save or share on Twitter.
  • Open the website or app that goes with the service you are using.
  • Copy the link, then copy and save the GIF.

save a gif from twitter

Twitter lets you save a GIF online

There are a lot of websites about this subject. Yes, you didn’t mishear. There are tens of thousands of free websites that do this. If you want to save a GIF from the Twitter app, search for it on Google and use any website. As, we are also about to start a similar service. We’re putting together the infrastructure, and we’ll let you know soon. Online services are easier to use and faster than apps. You don’t have to sign up for the site to use the service. It’s also safer than apps. All of our websites and apps offer this service.

Third-party apps

save a gif with 3rd party appsThere are so many applications that it would take too long to list them here. We never say the name of the app. Because some of these apps could cause security issues, in particular, you may have problems with how users’ privacy is handled. Because of this, you are always responsible for how you use these apps. If you asked us which one to use, we would say that web services are better than apps. Because when you download these apps to your phone, they ask you permission to do certain things. Only install apps you know you can trust and don’t permit apps to do something. Before you use an app or web service, you should read reviews about it.

Downloading GIFs from Twitter

You can also use a gif downloader to save a GIF from Twitter. These apps have more than one thing to offer. So both GIFs and videos can be downloaded. When you download a GIF or video, you are asked what resolution and where you want to save it. Giving the user a choice of what to do is a handy feature. You should use an antivirus program to check all the files you download. You can also read our article about where to find GIFs to find the best ones for yourself.

Conclusion of GIF on Twitter

Remember that Twitter turns GIFs into video files because video files take up less space than GIFs. So, you can’t just click “Save Image” to get them like you can with photos. If you want to download GIF videos from Twitter, you may need to convert them to GIFs first.


How do I save a GIF from Twitter on my computer?

Right-click the GIF and choose "Copy Gif Address." Open a new tab and go to "" Paste the GIF link URL you just copied into the "video URL box," and click "Download."

How do I save a GIF from Twitter quickly?

Just tap the Share button in the bottom right corner and choose "Download Twitter Video." Your GIF will be saved to the Photos app after a few seconds of downloading.

How do you save a GIF GIF?

Click on the GIF to see its page with more information. Then, right-click on the image and choose "Save image as..." – Choose where to save the GIF and give it a new name. – To save the GIF, press the Save button.

Can a GIF be saved on your phone?

Most of the time, you can tap, hold, and choose Save. Here are just a few. On Android, we go to the GIPHY website and look for a GIF. Tap, hold, and choose Save Image from the menu that appears.

Can gifs be copied and pasted on Twitter?

Tap the image, emoji, or GIF you want to use, and then press it. Tap and hold on to the text field when you're told the image has been copied. To add the picture, tap Paste.

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