Twitter is an excellent business tool not because it is free but because using it effectively can offer you a remarkable exposure for your business. Its micro-blogging service allows your business to directly communicate with your partners, customers and vice versa. In many ways, Twitter helps you create associations that are otherwise not possible through traditional communication channels. You can, however, hurt your brand through social media if you are not using it carefully. For that reason, it is worth learning what you should do and what you should avoid when using Twitter for your business.

There are several ways to grow your brand at Twitter, such as:

To enter the world of twitter, you first will need to make your business account on the network. This account must show clear information about your company, products or services. If available, place your company slogan along with the logo to enhance your business introduction. Ask all your friends, partners, clients through social media sites or email to become your follower at Twitter.


Twitter provides you the opportunity to be social in your specific business industry. Spend time to follow other users on the site and increase your followers. Depending on the situation, do direct tweets for answering questions of people or re-tweet with the relevant replies to other users’ messages. There is no harm in following other companies in the same niche or you competitors.  You can also make use of some useful features of Twitter such as Klout or Twinfluence to find out the influential users that you should follow. With its Tweetcloud feature, you can follow users with whom you can discuss your business related topics through tweets and learn about some of the best marketing solutions for your company.


Twitter’s search tool is the best way to find people’s comments about your company and your rivals. These results can be saved to your ‘saved searches’ and used to get real-time results on a later stage. The social media site allows you to get industry-related updates and keep track of what your competitors are doing.


Your messages will reflect your business image and so, you need to be really careful with what you write in your tweets. Choose to be friendly or adapt a casual way to interact with people. When tweeting about your business, make sure you come across without being self-promotional. Post links to your blog posts related to your business or add relevant photos or videos. You can also tweet free offers, discount coupons, sales and other special news about your company. Make sure what you tweet is on time and efficient.


It is crucial to tweet ideas or topics with the purpose to ask your followers’ opinion and feedback.  For example, you can discuss about a new addition to your products with your followers. At this point, it is important to be prepared to receive negative comments or complaints from some users. No matter how unpleasant you find these tweets, you should be courteous and reply clearly. You must take these feedbacks on a healthy note for your business since they tell you what you need to improve.

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