With 2.33 billion and 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram and facebook are the most popular social networking networks worldwide. While only 10% of American adults used Instagram in 2012, that number has increased to 37%.

Given these social networks’ enormous popularity and vast user bases, it may be attractive to distribute resources among them.

However, is this the most successful way for marketers to connect with their audience? Let’s examine the facts to decide which platform—Facebook, Instagram, or both—is best for your brand.

Let’s compare Instagram with Facebook, focusing first on the audience aspect.

Instagram: Expanding Userbase, New Possibilities

Instagram used to be known as a photo-sharing app for young people. Still, its user base is expanding and becoming more diverse. Today, 67 percent of people between 18 and 29 claim to use Instagram, making this demographic the platform’s most extensive user base.

Next, let’s examine the Facebook user base.

Facebook: Huge Userbase, Huge Changes

Facebook unquestionably has the most significant global viewership of all social media sites. More than two-thirds of individuals in the U.S. alone claim to utilize the website.

For advertisers, social network offers the most sophisticated targeting choices. These truths are brutal for marketers to ignore.

What company wouldn’t want to have that much exposure? Not to mention the appropriate individuals?

The data also reveals another aspect: Less American teenagers are using Facebook, and instead, they are spending more time on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

A recent survey said that Facebook engagement is gradually declining. The platform is still being used, but users spend less time there than they once did.

Then there are all the Facebook-related controversies, which range from privacy concerns to data breaches. Users appear to be logging into their accounts despite these issues.

So, now that we know what a fantastic marketing opportunity Facebook is, let’s look at some strategies for maximizing its potential.
Let’s start by discussing Facebook Business Pages.


Instagram can be a particularly tempting platform for marketers because 80% of consumers follow at least one business. Even more fascinating is that 60% of Instagram users look for and learn about new products.

In other words, customers now want to be able to find businesses on Instagram and expect them to have a presence there.

Instagram has the best engagement rate out of all the social media sites, which is another critical factor. This fashion has some benefits.

Brands are making a statement about Instagram advertising by spending their money there. By the end of 2019, approximately a quarter of Facebook’s advertising revenue will come from Instagram (since Facebook owns Instagram).

It is also anticipated to continue expanding.

After reviewing some of the most significant Instagram statistics, let’s examine how to use Instagram’s advertising choices.

Business Pages for facebook

facebook business page

These allow your company to establish an online presence on the Facebook platform. Everything here is free. These websites assist you in

  • Provide regular updates to your clients and other interested users.
  • Educate them about the goods or services you provide.
  • Engage your audience more, solicit feedback, and provide customer service.
  • Share information about deals, specials, and other promotions.
  • Create a user base that is devoted to your brand.
  • Make a name for yourself as an expert in your field.

Let’s now examine Facebook Groups.

Instagram for Business


Your brand would be able to be identified as a business with the use of a business profile. Additionally, it offers users several advantages. Business accounts can be helpful for:

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups provide a platform for businesses to establish a network of supporters for their brand.

Your group can assist you with the following:

  • obtaining a highly relevant audience for advertising
  • allowing group members to benefit from one another’s knowledge
  • Obtaining frank comments from your audience
  • Increasing audience participation
  • Increasing the number of conversions and potential leads significantly

Facebook Events are up next.

Instagram Events

Facebook events enable businesses or organizations to market to consumers online while mobilizing their brand.

They can assist with the following:

  • providing you with a platform to inform your audience of important announcements
  • giving you a chance for free advertisement
  • Increasing brand recognition

We’ll look into Facebook Stories next. a choice accessible to both Groups and Pages.

Facebook Stories (Groups and Pages)

You may use Facebook Stories to represent your brand directly from your smartphone or desktop. Stories aid in:

  • Interacting with your audience with material that is relatable and personal
  • Putting a face to your brand
  • reaching a broad audience regularly

Facebook Stories

facebook stories

These assist you in increasing user engagement, raising brand exposure, boosting revenue, and giving consumers updated information. In telling stories, we can:

  • Attracting a following for your brand
  • Frequently interacting with your audience
  • generating interest in your webpages

Offering you to post a range of content, Facebook Messenger is the next option.

facebook Messenger

Using the well-liked technology Facebook Messenger, your company can establish a personal connection with customers. With Messenger, you can:

  • gaining new clients
  • allowing for transactions
  • driving attention

Let’s go on to discussing Instagram D.M.s now.

D.M.s on Instagram (Direct Messages)

Instagram’s direct messaging function might help your brand employ direct messages to expand your company. It can support in:

  • Establishing relationships within your industry
  • Increasing your followers’ brand loyalty
  • lead creation and conversions made easier

Facebook Live is an additional popular and accessible solution.

Businesses may interact in real-time with their audience through Facebook Live. Facebook Live is helpful for:

  • Repurposing live footage to be used as content for your company pages or groups.
  • revealing behind-the-scenes activity and assisting in humanizing your business
  • enabling customer interaction with your brand through Q&A sessions and other means

We’ll look at Instagram Live after that.

Instagram Live

With the aid of I.G. Live, you can interact in real time with your audience while increasing user engagement and discoverability. It can support in:

  • Increasing one’s visibility
  • getting live stream notifications right away
  • Real-time communication with your followers

Let’s now examine the Facebook Shop option.

Facebook Shop

Customers can buy things directly from your store using the Facebook Shop business page tab. It can support in:

  • initiating fresh conversions
  • interacting with prospective clients
  • Providing information about new offers and promotions
  • rewarding brand evangelists for their dedication
  • Increasing brand recognition and awareness

Shop Instagram

You can integrate your product catalog with your product profile using Instagram Shop. It may also be helpful for:

  • simple product discovery
  • additional potential for sales and conversions, among other things

Let’s look at Facebook Ads right now.

Ads on Facebook

facebook ads

Facebook ads would aid in increasing brand or product awareness within a particular targeted audience’s News Feed. You can use it to:

  • Increasing brand recognition
  • identifying the ideal market for your brand
  • Spending less to reach more people
  • retargeting current audience groups
  • raising sales, income, and leads

Ads on Instagram

The various Instagram advertisements that can be run include:

  • Picture Ads
  • ad videos
  • Carousel Ads
  • Ads in Slideshows
  • Ads Stories

Last but not least, let’s look at Facebook Insights.

Instagram Insights

It can help by giving information that can be used to measure and track outcomes and improve your marketing effort. Observations can aid in deciding:

  • Actions for Reach and Engagement
  • People
  • Posts, Views, and a lot more.

Additional information that you can discover includes:

  • Online, when your followers are
  • The post formats that have the most tremendous success for you
  • top articles from the pages you follow, among other things.
  • The last option is Instagram Insights.

Instagram Analytics

An analytical tool called Instagram Insights can provide information on your followers’ demographics, behaviors, and brand content. Observations can aid in deciding:

Reach and impressions of engagement
The proportion of interaction to reach The best-performing content to profile visits, The number of website clicks, and much more

The Lesson

Should marketers include Facebook in their social media marketing plan in light of all of this?

Even if overall interaction is down and fewer teenagers are using the platform, Facebook still has the most extensive user base. Engagement is declining, but more is needed to stop using the site.

Brands should be present on Facebook to establish their organization’s legitimacy and connect with their audience through organic, paid, or both methods.

The Lesson

Should you include Instagram in your social media plan now that you have a general idea of where the platform is going?


Although this network offers many chances for specific brands, it is not as popular as Facebook (not yet, at least).

It is vital to thoroughly understand your audience and whether or not they use this more recently social media platform before utilizing it.

If they do, it can be a valuable opportunity to communicate effectively with your audience. If not, it can be a waste of your money and time.

Which social media site to utilize when you want to start using social media marketing? Please view the video below to see how they are compared based on specific vital statistics, sectors that can benefit from these platforms, and how they aid in marketing.

Final Reflections

Facebook and Instagram work well together for brands with a diverse audience (aged and younger generations). With relevant and potent content, marketers can successfully connect with both audiences where they spend their time.

If the target market for your brand is more narrowly defined—either older or younger—then one platform may be better suited than the other.

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