How to Deactivate Your LinkedIn Account


When you join LinkedIn, you may discover that there are better platforms for you. Perhaps you were unaware that it is an elevated platform, or you no longer wish to share your private information. Here are the steps for deactivating your LinkedIn account!


Methods to Close Your LinkedIn Account

  1. A “Me” icon is in the top corner of the homepage. Click it, then select “Settings and Privacy” from the menu.
  2. When LinkedIn directs you to the settings page, the “Account preferences” button should appear on the left. Click here.
  3. Scroll down the page and click the “Close account” button.
  4. You must now respond to the question regarding your reason for deactivation. If one of the listed options corresponds to your motivation, you may select it. If not, or if you wish to provide feedback, there is a message box below the list of reasons. You may submit any comments or complaints.
  5. After this step, you must enter your password. Then, click the “Close account” button.

Ways to Deactivate Your LinkedIn Account

Account Reactivation Instructions

You can reactivate your LinkedIn account 20 days after deactivating it if you wish to retrieve it. You are sent an email after closing your account. This email contains a link for account reactivation. If the link does not work, visit and log in with the associated e-mail address. The website will now inquire whether you wish to reactivate your account. When you accept it, you will receive a second confirmation email.

How to Reactivate Your Account

Conclusions on LinkedIn Account Deactivation

This article outlined the steps for deactivating your account and potential issues you may encounter. They will be helpful! Good luck! You can still hide your profile if you don’t want to deactivate your LinkedIn account and don’t want to be seen.


How do I link my Twitter to my LinkedIn profile?

You can link your Twitter account with your LinkedIn account: Click the "Settings and Privacy" button on the "Me" icon's drop-down menu. The "Partners and services" button is located on the left of the page's menu; click it. Click "Add an account to Twitter." Enter your Twitter username and password now.

Why was the profile I entered on LinkedIn, not mine?

If the account you logged into did not belong to you, you should log out first. There could be various causes. Perhaps someone used your device and failed to log out. You may have registered with a different e-mail address or with your Google or Facebook account. Try another email address after logging out. If you cannot access your account, you can request a new password.

My account is susceptible to hacking; how can I protect it?

If you suspect your account has been hacked, you should take precautions. Change your password and enable two-step verification in LinkedIn's "Settings and Privacy" section. Additionally, you can manage the actions taken by your account. This feature displays the locations where your LinkedIn account is accessible.

Why am I unable to submit new requests because they are denied?

There is a limit to the number of requests on LinkedIn. If you exceed the limit, you are prohibited from sending new requests for 24 hours.

I deleted my email address; can I no longer access my account?

Since you may have associated a different e-mail address with your account, try logging in with other e-mail addresses you possess. If it does not work, contact the Help Center; they will assist you in saving your account.

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