How to Make a Poll in Instagram Stories (2023)


An Instagram poll is a new way to discover what your followers think about something. You can do this with an official sticker that lets you ask your questions.

Users can ask their followers about anything with this feature, and they can also change how their followers answer. So, it’s an excellent way for brands and businesses to connect with their customers.

It would help if you built mutual respect and trust with your customers to have a good relationship with them. Answering a few fun questions can significantly impact how your current and potential customers see you.

This article will tell you how to make a poll and how to find out the results of a poll.


Making a poll on Instagram

In Instagram Stories, you can use the Instagram poll feature. Start a poll immediately if you want to know what your followers think about your Story post. As always, the first step is to make a Story.

Almost everyone knows how to make up a story. But if you need to learn how to do this, we can help you understand it with short, easy-to-understand sentences. Here’s how you can add a poll to your Instagram Story:

  1. First update your Instagram app, open it and look at the top left corner of your phone screen.
  2. From there, you’ll see a camera icon. Tap it gently.
  3. Your Instagram Story post is now ready to be shared.
  4. Take a picture of anything, swipe the screen from the bottom to the top or tap on the smiley face sticker icon.
  5. You’ll see a drop-down menu where you must choose the “POLL sticker” option.
  6. Then you’ll see a screen where you can choose yes or no. But if you want to avoid a yes or no poll, you can change the answers.
  7. Write a question on top of the poll, and then confirm the poll. It’s all set.

add a poll to your Instagram Story

Making polls is a great way
to do well at marketing on Instagram, and you can make people interested and get them to read your blog posts. Because of this, you are adding polls that can be thought of as a content strategy for marketing on Instagram.

See the results of your poll in real-time

Engagement means that your audience gives you leads, which is the most important thing a marketer can want.

  • You can only use 26 characters in a poll question; for now, there are only two ways to answer.
  • When you confirm your poll, you can share it with your followers, and people who don’t follow you can also answer it.
  • Also, checking the results of your polls often for new information can help you a lot with what you are trying to do.
  • You can find out what people think about an event, a product, a service, and many other things we can’t even name. So, you can tell your followers how you will reach them and make content or services that fit their needs, beliefs, and ways of life.

See the results of your poll in real-time

To see how people responded, tap on the list of viewers at the bottom of the Story and look at the Story analytics.

You can look at the answers to your Story after the poll has run its course or in the time between polls. If you do, you will be able to see the results when the Story disappears after 24 hours.

As people vote on your poll, you can see which answer gets the most votes and make content based on that. Ask your followers what they want to see next from you, and they might give you an idea you never thought of before.

  1. Go to Instagram and tap on the section called “Your Stories.”
  2. Then, open the Story statistics and look at who signed up for your poll and how they chose which side to vote for.

Instagram Story statistics

Remember to take a screenshot of those answers and direct message (DM) the people who gave them to start a quick conversation. This way, you can get to know each of your customers and visitors personally. Show your audience what they’ve learned by sharing the results. This is how big businesses get their start.

Conclusion: Polls are essential for your marketing, so you should use them

Connecting with your audience is essential to increase your chances of getting leads, sales, and other cool things from digital media marketing.

By asking your followers interesting and new questions, you can earn their trust and become someone they admire. Also, poll results give you good information to help you make decisions.

Creating a poll is easy, and if you care about how popular your Instagram account will be, you should take advantage of this great feature.

So, have you ever taken an Instagram poll? What made you do it if you did interact with someone you follow?

Tell us right away in the comments. We’re glad you read this article.


How do you see the turned out of the Instagram poll?

You can see the results of your poll by swiping up on the poll to open the list of people who have seen your Story.

How do you set up a three-choice poll on Instagram?

The poll only has two choices, which is too bad. You can instead use the Quiz sticker to ask a question with more than one answer.

Should I use Instagram to ask?

Instagram users like to answer questions that are controversial, funny, weird, or don't make sense.

How can I see my old questions on Instagram?

You can see your old Instagram questions the same way you see your old Instagram stories: by going to your archive.

Are Instagram polls public?

People think that the person who made the poll can't see who answered it or what they said, but that's not true.

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