Facebook has become one of the best mediums to promote your business. It provides a massive platform for advertising to your potential customers. Nevertheless, to attain success and recognition for your business, you will require a Facebook community first. To create your Facebook community, you have to make an active Facebook business page.

Making a Facebook page is not the only objective. You have to generate more and more likes on your Facebook page to achieve the said success. This article will guide you in getting a higher number of likes on the Facebook page and how to buy Facebook likes.

Insert all the necessary information about your business in the business page profile

You must create your Facebook page very nicely as it is the first and foremost thing people will notice about your company on Facebook. Give an appealing description of your business and try to create a niche for your company.

Besides all the above things, also include your phone number, address, hours of operation, and other necessary details to give a clearer idea about your organisation to your potential clients.

Apart from all this, your profile and cover photo also play a very significant role in creating a positive impression on your potential clients. You can use the logo of your company as your profile photo, and regarding the cover photo, try to create an innovative and compelling image, giving some information about your business.

Ask your contacts to like your page on

After creating your Facebook page, you must ask your friends, family members, and other contacts on Facebook to like your page. This will help your clients to easily find your page on Facebook, thus increasing the visibility and credibility of your business on social media. Now, the next step is to promote your Facebook page efficiently, and to spread the message among your potential clients and customers. You must mention or provide the link to your Facebook page whenever you mention your website.

Create an engaging, high-quality content

According to the reports, it has been proven that whenever you add relevant pictures in your posts, there is a chance of getting higher likes than text-only posts. You can also create catchy infographics and add them to your posts to convey relevant information.

Another important part of your content is the headline. It must be short, accurate, clear, and informative. Your headline must convey to the followers about what you have included in your post.

Do not make your content too promotional. Try to focus more on entertaining and informing your prospects with your content. Always create the content according to what people want from you. You must also try to insert more and more videos in your posts.

Insert social plugins to your website

You must ensure that people visiting your website find your page on Facebook with ease. There are different Facebook Social Plugins, such as the Like Box Plugin, which you can use to increase your Facebook likes. The plugins comprise of a like button, photos of your followers, and your recent posts.

Post consistently and at suitable times

You must make a schedule according to which you should post your contents. You should also write your future posts in advance so that you can produce content consistently on a daily basis.

Another important thing is that you must post at the right time as it has been found by experts that posting at the right time increases views and likes on your post. It is said that 12-3 PM on weekdays and 12-1 PM on weekends is the ideal time to post contents on your social media accounts.

While posting content on social media, you have to keep in mind that you must interact with the followers and views. You must address all the comments on your post, as unanswered comments can affect your page very badly.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads also play a crucial role in helping you to get more likes. You must use Ads according to the services of your organization as well as the interests of your target audience.

Run a Facebook Contest

It has been observed in the past that a large number of companies have hosted a Facebook contest successfully, and have generated a huge number of Facebook likes. You can also create your own Facebook contest.

However, to run such a contest, you have to keep some points on your mind. You must follow the promotion guidelines as designed by Facebook. A Facebook app is required to host your contest. Through this app, you have to organize a fan-gate, which will enable only the first ones to like your page to participate in the competition. You can also choose to spread the message about your contest through Facebook Ads.

Your contest must be funny and interesting, easy to take part, and it must encourage the participants to share the results with their Facebook contacts. You must ensure that the Facebook app should also work in case of mobile users.

Buy likes

To get more likes, you also have the option of buying Facebook likes. There are several websites where you can buy Facebook likes. You can search for the websites selling Facebook likes on Google and you will find a list of them. These websites will charge you some money and in return, they will add likes to your website or your page on Facebook.

Interact with other brands and companies on Facebook

There is also a provision on Facebook that allows you to interact and engage with the business pages of other brands and communities. By this way, you can create a relationship between like-minded companies and their followers. Liking or interacting with other brand’s posts can help you to generate more likes by cross-promoting your businesses. You can also tag in relevant posts to promote your page to new audiences. In this way, new opportunities may come to your business.

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