From content marketing to customer service to accounting and SEO, a business owner needs to deal with lots of aspects to survive in the market. While achieving all these goals can be daunting, a well-structured business plan along with the right tools can let your dream become a reality.

When it comes to online marketing, LinkedIn tends to be one of the best marketing channels for any business. This professional online networking site is often at the forefront of online users’ minds and so can be an effective medium for marketing your business.

LinkedIn marketing in the past and what to do in the future

In previous years, LinkedIn has helped marketers use various available tools to advertise their business. The site has rolled out original video functionalities for business pages, made enormous updates to groups, and released Vimeo integration. Lately, LinkedIn also introduced another effective tool named Stories that has been equally beneficial for businesses like the network’s other tools.

The aforementioned are some of the important techniques that have been effective for marketers to get great engagement on their business posts. This engagement in return acts as an effective marketing strategy for businesses to get more sales leads and loyal customers.

Determine Your Marketing Goals

Building your LinkedIn marketing strategies requires you to set your company’s goals. These goals could be generating more leads, driving traffic to your website, increasing content shares, and establishing your business as an expert.

Setting your business objectives will help you decide how you can use LinkedIn to attain them. Doing so also enables you to add your set goals to some other broader targets, such as recruitment, brand awareness, building up authority, and generating LinkedIn Lead generation.

Likewise, you need to determine the decisive factor for your perfect lead. Remember, you cannot use this networking platform to target people by gender or age. Instead, you need to think about the business you are looking to serve and target an audience accordingly.

In short, your company’s objectives will help you decide how your chosen LinkedIn marketing strategies will help you attain them and grow your business further. At this point, it is vital to remember that no marketing goals can be attained without having a good plan in place.

Build an Impressive Personal Post

A personal post in LinkedIn allows you to write up to 1,300 characters. It means you can write more and more to create a perfect personal post for your business page. It’s been observed that people having long-form updates receives ten times more visibility than a short-form post to a piece of writing.

Write Unique Posts

If you want to link to an article on LinkedIn, do write what the blog post is about and why people should read it. It is a good idea to write this in a storytelling style to engage your readers. If you can make your visitors keep reading your posts, they are likely to click through.


Work Differently

LinkedIn allows you to remove the preview when you post a link to an article. Since people tend to ignore typical link posts on LinkedIn, it’s strongly recommended to avail this option to catch attention. Replacing the link preview with an attractive image or video can be another way to draw readers’ attention towards your blog posts.

Tag People

After you have created an impressive personal post on LinkedIn, it’s time to tag your contacts in it. Tagging someone not only notifies them to see the content but also lets their connections and followers to do the same. Once your post engages a few people, it also makes their followers and connections to see or engage with it.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean to tag everyone in your post. Ideally, you should stick to those you have been referenced in your shared content. Similarly, you can also tag someone who you think would find your post interesting.

Use Hashtags

You can follow a hastag to receive a post on a particular topic in your newsfeed even if you do not follow specific influencers for that theme. LinkedIn also auto-suggests different hashtags whenever they post a marketing content or an update.

At first, these recommendations may leave lots to be desired though they are either very broad or have very little. However, you can get some ideas for what to add to your post with the help of these suggested hashtags. You can also make a quick search for the topic-appropriate hashtags especially if you are not sure which version of a hastag you should include to your post.

Upload Native Videos

When it comes to use online social and professional platforms for your business marketing, native and appropriate videos make a big difference. With LinkedIn, you can upload native videos instead of posting links to external videos. Uploading native video means you can put a video file directly to LinkedIn instead of sharing its link which takes users to some other mediums, such as YouTube.

Support Your Connections

When using LinkedIn for your business marketing, make sure you support your connections by addressing questions, taking an interest in exchanges, and remarking on the posts in your newsfeed. The more you show up, the more prominent your range will progress toward becoming a reality.

Build Your Business Influencers

Google previews up to 156 letters from your business description when your LinkedIn page is shown up as a search result. Having a fully-optimized business page is critical but it is imperative to do more than just posting to be successful.

Stay Updated

To make the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategies, it is critical to stay updated with new changes and upgrades taking place in this professional online networking platform.

As a marketer, you should get better at attribution and tagging as well as focus on your obtained data. You should measure traffic from LinkedIn to your own site and make use of tracking URLs when necessary.

The Bottom Line

According to business and marketing experts, LinkedIn works as an unbelievably amazing B2B tool to support the buzz around your company. This means if you use the right correct LinkedIn marketing strategy, it can be enormously handy to build your business. Use the aforementioned tips to have a perfect personal post, upload videos, and optimize it for maximum discoverability.

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